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College graduate obtain employment is difficult it is a heat that in recent years the society pays close attention to. Nowadays is the phlogistic summer that a graduate bustles for to apply for a job, and one part student shows itself in main forces of to apply for a job however, found a satisfaction to suit his job again.  

   Exercitation target should prepare early clearly for obtain employment 

Brighting Yang Lei is science of material of university of China north electric power and project major 08 degree undergraduate course is graduate, last year December when signed company of Nanjing some iron and steel, monthly pay 339 yuan. “ is among the classmate I am a when the earliest autograph makes an appointment with, firewood fulfil is otherer than our class also the fellow student is a few higher, however my achievement is in our class is a moderate level only. It is very early that the preparation that ” brighting Yang Lei makes for obtain employment can say, in big 2 big 3 when did many part-time jobs outside, know the talented person with the what kind of need of unit of choose and employ persons. Just went up big 4 begin close attention job message, sent a lot of resume, also attended a lot of interview.

“ Geng Tongxue is lead of consciousness of an obtain employment, target the student with very powerful force of clear, action, he is in low grade when had been a purpose with obtain employment conciously, enhance him ability painstakingly take exercise to be accumulated with what carry out experience, the successful obtain employment after be graduation laid good foundation. Against a rainy day, a magic weapon of target of business of society of in advance understanding, understanding, clear profession, get the upper hand of that accumulating capacity sth used to one's own advantage is competition ability of promotion obtain employment. Obtain employment of student of college of ” Beijing aerospace coachs the service center teachs advisory teacher Zhao Min to express. In the meantime, zhao Min also reminds broad student, must look in process of obtain employment preparation mark is made clear, distinguish primary and secondary, jackaroo not blindly, cannot learn to jackaroo and was delayed more, want to participate in activity of all sorts of exercitations, practice again on the basis that school work completes.  

   Double degree major of many chip minor is discreet and decision-making 

“ minor double degree has an advantage very much when apply for a job, get more interview chances than other classmate, appear when two applicant level is about the same particularly crucial. ” Xia Ting (alias) it is Beijing University some small language major 08 degree undergraduate course is graduate, she is in this year January when with Guangzhou tack of some IT industry was made an appointment with, salary of the first years is in 5000 to 7000 yuan between, basically realized oneself anticipation. Xia Ting is in big 2 end when with respect to the decision graduation works, but as a result of learned major it is small language, obtain employment range is very narrow, just hear of a fellow student that has finish school of a 06 grade right now, minor an economics double degree, signed a foreign enterprise later, salary of the first years 14000 multivariate. Also repaired economics double degree then. According to Introduction Xia Ting, the person above that the classmate of their class has 50 % minor double degree, concern with minor international among them with economics be in the majority.
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