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The measure of 7 action association that duty field knows surely
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Modern office field, the association of colleague of male and female in the office should stress some of knowledge, association is offended greatly will talk casually about, association became shallow scant mention, proper limits for speech or action is really bad still to take hold. Want to let a person feel you go, sit so that carry, must have held a such measure:

The body cannot have 0 to be apart from a contact

According to the research of American psychologist suddenly Er, the apart between the men and women 46 centimeters of less than, be about to be regarded as to flirt or express intimate;

50-60 centimeter it is private dimensional space, the;60 of one's own little world that is equivalent to ego activity centimeter beyond just be the normal distance that interacts with the person.

In view of this, body distance should be controlled in 60 centimeters of above, the slight change that reachs color with experiencing the speed that breathes to the other side, skin to skin texture is a standard. No matter open which kinds of rate, the idea that still carries give and accept of a bit men and women not to kiss had better. Most of no good is 0 distances contact, even if be “ Mi Lu uncle ” is not exceptional also. If the opposite sex expresses to want with you 0 distances, might as well tell each other, ” of unlined upper garment of cloth of cover of bell of gold of your meeting “ , iron, but of drive at 60 centimeters of above!

Psychology cannot have the chronic illness that opposite sex photograph sucks

Saying path, the same sex is exclusive, opposite sex photograph is sucked. This one view is in office men and women particularly applicable. Competition often exists to concern between the same sex, and often can help each other between the opposite sex, mutual collaboration. Didn't you look a lot of alarm not a police in be one male one female make a partner and is rate of crack a criminal case extremely high? If two are male police, among them an affirmation sacrifices early. Way of this kind of work has a good name to cry: The men and women is tie-in, work not tired. After all tired, I want to be clear about in whose heart, that just is those who give oneself is randy the excuse that looks for a beauty just. Did not listen to a person to say with the passing of time lays condition? Why does literary bound divorce lead on the high side? Still not be to act in a play those who act, the partner comes the partner goes be being sung really with respect to false play. Opposite sex photograph is sucked have scientific basis, on physics so tell, but this is in mentally is a chronic illness however. Be someone has said: If there are man or woman only on this world, they or they won't wash even the face. Say bitingly bit, nevertheless this hypothesis may not does not hold water. The consistence of cut mentally wants between the men and women so, increase repellency, the weakness that cannot take him sweetheart especially compares the advantage of the other side, otherwise dangerous. Want to have immune power to the attraction of the opposite sex, be not being said to fall into homosexual circumstance, be sucked with same sex photograph more.
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