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The meaning of 3 words backside that vigilant boss often says
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Case one: The boss often tells: Employee hour should be the home with the factory.

Analytic: Boss the meaning of this word, early corrupt evening rises to work desperately like making you dry remove work to want to resemble him home namely, do not be afraid of dirty, do not fear pain, do not be afraid of tired. But, you must not think to want you to work desperately only, do not be afraid of dirty, do not fear pain, do not be afraid of tired, the warmth that the boss can give you the home and take care of, also can enjoy the privilege of a few families, think you are absolutely in that way wrong! If if was done in that way, took any same things like be in the home at will and did not say with the boss beforehand, then you are about for certain.

The boss' meaning, let you resemble your namely work euqally in the home, but can resemble be being enjoyed euqally in the home anything but!

Case 2: The boss often is when your outstanding achievement is particularly good, with you with brother proportional, promise not to divide us later.

Analytic: The boss knows very well “ fights full brother, the old saying of ” of arms of father and son of go into battle, regard you as full brother is same look upon, he is helped go all out like hoping you can resemble full brother namely kill. But, you also must not muddleheaded can resemble full brother dividing a cup of a thick soup to you euqally one day to expectation boss. Cannot think not only, cannot ask more, the beautiful elder brother's wife of the ” of this “ brother boss that even if you are much,sees you actually, you may be over.

The boss' meaning, want to let you work to resemble brother namely, get money to resemble long-term hired hand!

Case 3: The boss often is told begin us to make a career together now, do not want plan fame and gain first, we can make important matter trade one time in the future, met everything have to moment.

Analytic: This is the boss' most inviting word, be opposite especially firm from course of study before long young undergraduates, lofty ideal can endure the one antrum lofty sentiments when young students graduate one time almost such ablution, almost each successful company is in render outstanding service and be famous when, should give a few warm blood youths when doing poineering work at the outset to wash brainwashing! Actually, very few advisability person can go final together, because of the story in the month when the hardship at the beginning of doing poineering work, and a lot of shameful camera bellows of the boss handle case, or so what do not hope to hnow through and through, the hour of view of some of reputation of the person that succeed is made in need, what should solve above all is original collaboration certainly you.

The boss' meaning, want you to must understand authority one case finally namely enterprise truly, but the career that must not forget who this is! Also did not forget the identity that oneself work!
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