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Recognize office mood 5 big killer
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You are afraid of into the office, feel tired into the office, begin to make tired, the time …… that remembering with concern to come off work talks on the phone congee, gather together chat, chew sweet fragile snacks greatly, play game, perhaps look at the Zhangzhang's woebegone one expression in the office, may affect your mood and work efficiency, how to let oneself break away from this kind of vicious circle? Let psychological expert help us chase all to endanger the killer of affection of office good intention to these.

Killer one: Gather together chat strike back killer mace: Do not talk about privacy topic

In the office, the time that the colleague gets along is the longest, chatted everybody is communicated each other, contact emotive a kind of means. Conversational content may involve all sorts of issues beyond the job, mastered the proper limits for speech or action with the talk between the colleague to be become human the one link that in communicating, cannot neglect, after all the office is not the “ that can pour out aspirations at will chats ” .

Psychology is analytic: A lot of employee like to play the significance that follows a colleague nearly through talking about private topic, actually, this is very dangerous. Return some employee to always want to understand a situation through chatting, ask about pay each other for instance how many, because salary often has a difference between the colleague. Actually, tall or him pay is low, always have among them reason. This kind of curious topic, still had better not chat had better.

Give you a court: Duty field is arena, everybody becomes your mate possibly, even if is the partner with very good collaboration, likely also and abrupt suddenly turn hostile, it is easy that he knows your circumstance is jumped over more more atttack you, you are exposed so that be hit more easily more more. Do not talk about personal question, also fasten the dispute accident in eristic company. You feel eristic others is irrespective, have more than is needed can be circled a few times to yourself head back and forth, draw fire against oneself, escape again in those days appear passive. And so on of oneself living conditions compares the problem of privacy, also had better not want to disclose to others, speak out or to make a person envious, or is thought by others you are being shown off, how to hold bad. Want to talk about the well-known thing such as some of news, weather a little.

Killer 2: Talk on the phone congee strikes back killer mace: Discard curiosity

Want to smoke a time to write originally write a thing, arrange article table. Hear the female colleague beside talks on the phone softly only however congee: Are you in “ do what? Where had wanted to have a meal? I am waiting for you to receive me! ” wants only everyday this moment, I am like with respect to him feeling nonexistent, the phone congee of tenderness of adjacent desk colleague always lets me do not have mood job to go down.
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