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The office is sweet because of the female's existence, spirited, also have a few undesirable Miss OFFICE young ladies of course. They do not know what word should say, what word ought not to say. Anyhow is this those who say say, ought not to say also say, door of one or two does not have on the mouth, so shallow that resemble a plate.

The first kind: This thing that do is not done, what ought not to do is blind however do

A few people are in an office together, always have some of odd jobs everyday, if open water, sweep the floor, newspaper of the window that brush the door, clip, although this is bagatelle, but also should be done actively. If the age of your work in the same placing is older than you, you might as well do more some. Lazy everybody is detested, if your boiled water is not hit, can drink everyday, newspaper is not placed, can contend for everyday look, as time passes, the family won't have good opinion to you. If yourself's room is cleared away very neatly, but do not sweep the floor in the office, so the someone can say you compare selfishness. A few colleagues are in one place, it is a small collective, collective responsibility, want to rely on a group to do, you are not done, should not a bit more or less group.

The 2nd kind: Often blame the job, complaint bellyful

Immerse oneself in the job at the same time, resent to the job at the same time, finishing the job at the same time, at the same time woebegone. Let a person feel you are an interference job, love says the person of complaint word, the work that knows pair of work environments and colleague only croaks, discharge discontent and indignation. Perhaps you hope the job and environmental order are a bit better, cannot be in however appropriate occasion, put forward seriously with proper way, and complain blindly only. The staff thinks you are hard get along, boss thinks you not conveniently. The result upgrades, the opportunity of raises must be gone to by others however, you have “ only the complaint of innocent ” . Feminine frankness is praiseworth, but exorbitant frankness told to the privacy her ought not to teller is moment, at that time be candid no longer bluntly.

The 3rd kind: Blame let a man entertain guests

Say normally, the man should not grudge, when be together with the lady especially, it is to want a little the manner of man. Ask a lady to have a meal for instance, drink coffee, have cold drink. But this must be the man puts forward actively to invite to the lady, is not the lady asks the man entertains guests. But, sometimes the woman does not know this truth namely, they are not the active, easy He Xiao that will call a man with female oomph is aspersed, cadge to the man forthrightly however, call a man in a dilemma. The man confronts such woman, always be uneasy, the feeling is very bad. The woman is before the man, still maintain bit missish had better.
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