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Find new job from other enterprise the new employee that come over, be made fun of to call ” of “ airborne arms. ” of “ airborne arms once acclimatization, often very fast can take charge of a department alone; But, the faithfulness of ” of “ airborne arms spends the employee that inferiors to promote to a high office at interior apparently again, the ’” of another ‘ gangplank that the enterprise often worries about to him “ is them nevertheless. Accordingly, of applicant find new job motive is the problem that the enterprise cares quite.

Generally speaking, the enterprise abstains from most to finding new job 4 kinds below.

One, change his profession at will, follow tide blindly.

  Neither one industry is forever popular. Take no account of oneself special skill and interest, although apply for a success, also hard long. What is more,the rather that every time line feed must be made from the novice, knowledge and experience are accumulated hard, become the person above average of the industry very hard also. If arrived 40 years old to still be done not have,develop in a certain industry give a world, so find new job obtain employment will become harder. Here reminds numerous this year's graduates even, do not abandon oneself major easily, after all study sth in order to apply it person do something one knows well, relatively easy begin gets the person that be not major much. Change his profession at will mean without professional target, have development hard.

2, do not add an analysis, blind believe what one hears.

  According to statistic, making an appointment with those who have 50% to find new job is to seek high pay. Can let compensation through finding new job last step are good admittedly, but find new job for 89,appear too cursory. A lot of intermediary or company are in now invite applications for a job when it is good to say so that spend good paddy, but the ability after the job discovers,be cheated. Make a text on ” of “ yearly salary for instance, in “ the “ on 4 gold ” pounds paste ” to wait a moment, pattern 100, by no means an isolated case. To apply for a job person if do not add an analysis, can enter earthen jar easily. When some people are finding new job gaze at compensation, take no account of the long-term development of oneself, it is to the loss outweights the gain more. Blind believe what one hears person often meet find new job quickly again, enter vicious circle. The person that the enterprise thinks to get to apply for a job so works cursory, embarrassed use greatly.

3, personal feeling is in power, find new job blindly.

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