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New personality looks surely move boss 20 wise move
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We every on-the-job field hits the person that go all out to hope his job can win the self-identity in the colleague for oneself. The rise of the position in the boss' affirmation and company. Want, do you work to still pursue here what is other? To reach this one stage, we always can accept the job that next works that complete hard or we are willing to do far from, the cut-off that challenges insanity next time, let oneself be worked to overwhelm to be enraged nevertheless fully. Of course, these behavior can think you win “ to work hard in personal details the fame of ” and honor, but, after once accepted this minute of fame and honor,be being become, next you must need all the time the figure that will safeguard you.

   1, portfolio effect

If you commute everyday,place a portfolio to come, that can let a boss certainly or work in the same placing think you are dedicated at the job, perhaps your bag is thrown to the office at the same time. Probably when your portfolio appears in you to lunch merely everyday, but those already not important, because your information has been communicated to.

   2, have a mind that enliven

Of the station straight, sit can letting you look is bouncy all the time, be full of self-confidence. You also do not hope to work in the same place for certain of course or the boss sees you shrink downheartedly all the day be before him computer, unless you were boiled yesterday,one night should complete a report.

   3, time idea

Without the person the hope awaits others, you also do not hope. The “ that my constant says does not count on me to be able to arrive early, but I never am late. ” Wu is necessary and punctual, the time idea that gives a person you is very strong.

   4, fair with illicit

The important sign of a good employee is state-private and trenchant, when working, this is meant is the job, must not be in time going to work and the girlfriend sees what film Bao in the evening congee of half atmospherics word or discuss with work in the same placing after coming off work, go chicly there together!

   5, riant glamour

The smile is communicable, this still can make the sadness of others so not easy also infect you. Do the person of a sunshine, share your smile to others.

   6, notice appearance and odour

Take bit of chewing gum to may let you shout acknowledgment god. No matter others is how to say, people or will evaluate a person from what what they see. What in Zhou Wu so you can wear is a few more informal, other time, keep rigorous please, when going to work, you are a soldier and come off work you can be a piquant child.

   7, let you all round keep clean from beginning to end
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