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Duty field is awkward: The fluctuation class in elevator
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The encountering that does not arrive half minutes lets him headache 10 years

Sit elevator arrives from 1 building 8 buildings, this is less than time of half minutes, let Li Xin headache 10 years full however.

” of “ the root cause of illness or trouble happens when he just took a company. A day afternoon, li Xin received a telephone call, saying is a client there gave some of state, want him to arrive at full speed. This can be the first only business of Li Xin! Drop a telephone call, he is precipitant igneous burn ground fills in one caboodle file into portfolio, had dragged dust coat, trot all the way developed elevator mouth, pressed the button that be down.

“8” , this number on indication screen jumped twice, elevator door opened. Li Xin goes in, look up, frightened jump: Zhao Zong of “ Zhao …… is good. ” is in a company, zhao Zong can be ” of absolutely “ a party to an undertaking, stand by one's word. And, he often still serves as the representing of outstanding entrepreneur, haunt all sorts of TV interview programs, became the figure spokesman of the company almost.

Elevator door shuts, in the cramped space that is less than two square metre in this, remain Li Xin and Zhao Zong two people.

“ hello. ” Zhao Zongwei is laughing at Chao Lixin to nod.

After be gone to, was turn for Li Xin mouth to talk again. But, what should say? In his heart plan silently: Say “ you this is to go up where goes ah ” is like not quite appropriate, the leader's track involves my what issue; Boast boast “ you appear special today mental ” also passed a little seemingly, someone lead does not know who I am most probably, what to cover close to ……

Countless thought are in brain thrill through and be overruled quickly, li Xin cannot help him blame “ memory is too small ” , mental and insufficient. “7, 6, 5……” his silent is reading aloud the building number of plies that shows on screen, considering the way to deal with a situation desperately.

Insecurity and awkwardness were full of in air.

Ground of a curious coincidence, li Xin appears suddenly: “ you is this to go out? ”

“ hum. ” Zhao Zong or so cherish word is like gold.

Li Xin was about to break down simply —— is turn for him to talk again, how to do? !

Staring at the number that drops ceaselessly, maintain a smile, li Xin can accomplish this exclusively at that time. “3, 2……” bears “1” eventually, he ases if get amnesty makes general, loosened at a draught tone. “ Zhao Zong, that my foregone. ” is up-to-date, li Xin is done not clear this word says appropriately after all at that time, become aware foursquare instead tell him, want, follow lead makes a call. Say this word, he rushs outwards hurriedly.
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