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Duty field 10 old style abreact plan
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Because work,duty field men and women is met too tired or too as dry as a chip and suffer from on " of syndrome of “ duty field, but, their solution controls a standard great also, what is having below you often use the method that abreact?

Abreact —— cartoon of the method, toy

The place that fashionable essayist says a person is the most lovely is his childishness, because one of this present vogue are,play the part of young.

Watch adult cartoon film, ramble adult toy house also becomes fashion. Still appeared to sell already in Beijing, Shanghai but the adult toy house that the spot tries of all kinds toy, a lot of people start work here beat one's brains, happily fritter away days.

Abreact —— racing bicycle of the method

Loving car and the great majority that like racing car is a man, do not believe go seeing a car exhibit the male, female scale in (of course) of belle model except; Of course, also a few brave fashionable young woman are having strong interest to cycle racing, then they always fling caution to the winds the ground gallops quickly. Cycle racing club can gens of your daughter car feels drive to be stimulated truely, challenge to speed and limit at any time, have a kind of safe safeguard again at the same time, enjoy all sorts of vogue of 21 centuries.

Abreact when methodological —— is gone against

Bully gas of Wu Zetian is reflected one of it is to instruct your when 100 flowers are gone against for her, open. Today, the " when “ is gone against is not difficult already to the mankind, the winter eats watermelon to already became easy issue, and skill is exhibited to also become fashion on true ice stadium in summer. This kind of new-style rink is OK annual is open, do not suffer the effect with earthly heated climate, southern people also can be on true ice stadium enjoy the height of summer.

Abreact —— abroad of the method travels

The pocket of bosomy strike and the holiday that put longer more let a lot of Chinese have walk along door going abroad to go the opportunity of amuse oneself, of all kinds foreign travel hot line already was rolled out in succession on newspaper. Of course, most first of cruel bout still is the young white-collar that those be willing to part with or use take out big money, homecoming hind is taking a big photograph and friend to share, really fun is boundless.

Abreact methodological —— heats up dance

The popularity that heats up the be current of dance to may be in China with Euramerican culture is concerned, the life with the individual character that also innovates with youth be fond of however and hot heat is concerned. The style of those ballroom that can let a person jump madly to the top of one's bent results from mostly modern western culture. Push the door and enter, the colour with chunk bright-coloured chunk attacks shade of pleasant to see, bacchic musical sonic boom gets person ear beat to make sound, a kind of jumpy vitality break goes out however. Here you all can resemble the “just Do It " that says in advertisement, bring cellular mad dance of the whole body into play, let him High rise.
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