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12 thinking overcome career of field of female white-collar duty star
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1, it is good to always feel oneself are insufficient

Although this kind of person is clever, practice having one by one, but once be promoted, be without self-confidence instead, feel oneself are not competent. In addition, he does not have the ambition that upgrade climbs, always feel oneself position already too tall, probably low 9 class still may suit quite.

This kind of ego destroys the action that restricts with ego, it is involuntary occasionally.

But, as the enterprise medium, senior officer, this kind of involuntary behavior can let an enterprise pay very big price however.

2, blame is black view the world in vain namely

The world blame in eye of this kind of person is black namely white. They believe, the exam that all things should resemble having standard result is same, objectively assess actor bad. They always feel they are in defend belief, hold to a principle. But, these principles, others may care nothing completely. Result, this kind of person always is an isolated force fight bravely, often call lost battle.

3, everlasting pursuit is outstanding

This kind of person asks he is a hero, others of strict also requirement reachs his level. On the job, it is oneself and more of “ of affiliated to a ministry, faster, better that they ask ” . Result, affiliated to a ministry is pulled exhaustedly, in succession “ jumps the boat seeks to live on ” , the person that stay is tiredder. The result leaves his post rate lift successively, create the burden of the enterprise.

This kind of person suits substantive work, if become an officer, must employ a technical staff, when he is too much to requirement of affiliated to a ministry, bold remind him without concealing anything.

4, termless evasive conflict

This kind of person can not hesitate commonly all cost, avoid conflict. Actually, different opinion and conflict, can stimulate vigor and creativity instead. One ought to be the director that affiliated to a ministry argues strongly originally, for evasive conflict, the likelihood is seen by affiliated to a ministry or other department flat. To keep peace, they depress feeling, result, they are lacked badly face the conflict, ability that resolves conflict. To finally, this kind solves the incapacity of conflict, spread marriage, close child, brothers and friendship relation.

5, anti of brutal and unreasonable suppress

Their words and deeds is strong, ruthless, resemble a bulldozer, the person that every holds back outlet, uniform shovel is smooth, because of dash around madly, aggressiveness is too strong, do not know the skill of bypass, the result may harm his career career.

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