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Red building 12 gold hairpin is contemporary the profession guesses
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Lin Daiyu - - what the network writes Lin Daiyu of author of hand Or column is sensitive and sickish let her be like fine china, always force a person cautious ability is adjacent, ferial Li Daiyu makes a poetry with the word also very artful, doing a poem to use a word unlike Bao Chai is prim, if displacement arrives below contemporary setting, the disposition of black jade suits to keep hand or quarter at the press when a network more kind column. , the baby that install Ni is same, bury the character into barren grave, disclosing a kind of pessimism, decadent, destruction. …… is beyond question, lin Daiyu has those who become best seller writer to go absolutely qualitative, and absolutely not ” of below “ half body.

Xue Baochai - - the Xue Baochai in modern society affirms officeholder of public relations Or is a person the sort of person that flower of love seeing a person sees the flower leaves, beginning from nursery school is a monitor, graduate to the university all the time, the teacher takes comment on her notebook is “ is tasted learn to hold actor ” concurrently, the profession that she suits most is: Public relations. Of course, do a mechanism official of what extremely possible also. Come with horizontal peace conference of Bao Chai the eyesight of the thing, enter layer of state-owend enterprise management, perhaps mix a cadre handling level not should difficult. Although the grade forbidding of these places and custom let a lot of youths flinch more, dan Baochai affirms feel just like a fish in water.

Wang Xifeng - - is who meets professional husband in 12 gold hairpin the outstanding professional handler in modern society? Be afraid head push Wang Xifeng won't somebody is put in the opinion, even " red Lou Meng " in the story of ” of seat of government of peaceful state of assistant manager of “ Wang Xifeng. Already was included to provide teaching material of a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties nowadays, regard study controller as the case of essential condition, visible “ phoenix hot pepper ” really deserve the reputations one enjoys, where going to is a wolf not be a sheep, absolutely hunger is not dead.

Gu Qiao elder sister - - the daughter that president assistant regards Wang Xifeng as, in modern society, at least of clever a general term for young women is the makings of assistant of a president, overall nevertheless for, her disposition already ready is common, smooth also realization makes the person uses a facial expression, estimation is to become car conductor ticket seller, clever a general term for young women also won't have what complaint.

Gu Tanchun - - the leadership ability that mercantile Or leads explore spring belongs to be obvious to all model, “ of company of poem of Chinese flowering crabapple of the “ in grand sight garden offers to issue an organization to rise in hers namely, and someone else place does not have the reform consciousness that has on explore spring body, accordingly, explore spring becomes more successful than Wang Xifeng businessman very likely, compare Xue Baochai's more successful government official.
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