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In on-the-job field life, we are likely all the time very make this oneself share very good hard, but still be not can successful, because we meet a mean person in on-the-job field,this is likely, make a mean person. It is the Lilliputian of the field of 10 kinds of duty that you have to know below!

1, 3 ballad a person of low position

3 ballad a person of low position even if like rumor of believe what one hears, production ballad make peace transmits the person of the rumor. These people do not understand the fact that what is a thing completely, want to have the value of transmission only, they are met of unreserve become big speaker, can not tell be like some general. The colleague leaves his post, because,the person that they can begin to transmit a rumor to say to leave one's post is by issue of bribe, character, by the family hypnotic, without morality, etc. The method that they like to use a groundless allegation very much to the muching companion envenom beside, affect week of person that meet with. In on-the-job field, this kind as person of low position, be afraid that the enterprise is not random only!

2, not duty Lilliputian

Not duty a person of low position even if do not have responsibility and irresponsible person. The Lilliputian of this type, this thing that do often was not done, they very meeting “ eats a snake ”(lazy) . Every time the thing happened, the first their reaction is shirk responsibility, they often can say this is not my fault! They often can scold someone else, they like to deny their fault, look for excuse to regard as next do not have one and the same.

3, dissension as person of low position

Dissension as person of low position, they have a special capacity, that is them can words and deeds is differ, tell to do another, like to exaggerate will tell, the world is when telling inapproachable, when doing, be intentional and faint. What him processing that they can break up conveys the processing with oneself. This kind as person of low position, often can pack oneself only, but without actual strength. The meeting is exaggerated the attention that will attract everybody, make next commitment that oneself fulfil trivially next.

4, young corrupt a mean person

This Lilliputian loves to have an insatiable desire for petty gain most, they can betray the muching companion of group and a job because of greedy petty gain. This Lilliputian constant dedicated cooperate for a long time at brief interest and rather than. In on-the-job field, they may be those you at first very trustful person, he is known use your credit to him, betray you!

5, capricious Lilliputian

We know, the change is necessary. We also know, in this world, exclusive and changeless is a change! In on-the-job field, if you change your behavior and attitude, you are accepted, but what this Lilliputian likes to change is not him, the game that changes a set however is regular. They often cannot see outstanding achievement of the other side does bigger more, money earns more more, they can begin to make the decision that changes game regulation. They at the same time not merely external when the game that can change a set is regular, him along with working muching companion also is not let off. The regulation that they cannot see set of employee basis place wins share out bonus big, bonus is much, they can begin to change regulation. The key here is they often will change game regulation according to the viewpoint of hoggish and adverse person. The momentum of muching transmitted echo that this also is brought about and he cooperates is very big.
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