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10 gain both honor and money greatly professional combination!
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The ancients cloud: “ face Zhong Xixi, all come for benefit. Reject in palace, all go to for benefit. Society of ” Gu Jin, this meaning Yi Ran, fame and gain is the target of everybody angle, strange phenomenon of the society also multiplies from this and come. The 10 professions that gain both honor and money greatly combine listed “ China and foreign countries ” , profession the more collect contradiction conflicts at an organic whole, have dramatic effect more, come with me please:

One, politician holds gangdom head concurrently to get

Politician, it is the “ on political arena of a country important role ” , politician deal with between politics and right, regard “ goody as ” , maintaining country and ethical interest. Gangdom head is gotten, jeopardize a society, disaster reachs common people, the evil actual strength that is a model is indicative. Politician holds gangdom head concurrently to get, black and white two, fluctuation sweep the deck, it should be most the profession of “ prosperous ” was combined. Respecting politician holds gangdom head concurrently to get, do not know why, the work that I always recall to British writer defends · Lai favour greatly " Beilusikeni's shadow: Α of  of leg of  of  of crock Sha ⒐ punishs  band of ampling  of Piao of Bai Fei of  of exhaust of Xun of Su left-eyed flounder quite Qian of Yu   is swollen harmony black of bald expostulate with lofties spin health?ldquo; inside ” . This book causes sensation in Europe, also initiate disclose gain both honor and money the precedent that the profession sets.

2, visa official holds felon concurrently

Abroad often have this kind of story, a few more Euramerican the visa official of the developed country takes bribes when signing and issue visa, to reduce international effect, official of visa of recall of a few countries gives punishment. Visa official holds concurrently when felon, it is a fame bad but the profession with enough interest, visa official jobbery, do felon to want to do now be not done, most welcome wants the work that he does. This phenomenon appears in the developed country to be stationed in orgnaization of developing country diplomatic and consular missions mostly, visa official eventually full private pocket, barn large rat, if cheats pass a barrier, do not have a thing in safety, can pass half a lifetime is happily. Once the thing declines, numerous people indicate, go down in history as a symbol of infamy. Fall the accusation of a traitor, the loss outweights the gain.

3, college teacher holds column honored guest concurrently

This industry has distinguishing feature very much. This archives profession is combined, can became famous namely, can get benefit again, one of optimal example that it may be said gains both honor and money. Gentleman disappears, china and foreign countries is numerous broadcasting station TV station, countless talks column, you are sung I come on stage, the honored guest's face however often so a few. This university is taught, the researcher of that place, the personnel that seems to pursue some trade with respect to this a few. College teacher holds column honored guest concurrently, famous on media improve social status while, give lessons to go out at the same time make full price, without Benmoli, be very the profession of ” of “ action key point.
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