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Self introduction beats your gregarious entrance door
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The introduction is used like can correct ground in human association, can enlarge oneself intercourse limits not only, wide make friend, and conduce to ego revealing, ego conduct propaganda, in the clear the air in association, reduce a trouble. Self introduction, be about to oneself introduce other. Tell from ceremonially, undermentioned problem should note when introducing myself:

(1) the opportunity of self introduction:

Below the circumstance is necessary to have proper self introduction. Be like: When should trying attend school, in interacting with not when acquaintance gets along, have not acquaintance is shown when be interested in oneself, have not when acquaintance asks he introduces myself, have beg at the person, and the other side does not understand him very, or when utterly ignorant, in viatic road, with other meet by chance, and be necessary build to it when be being contacted temporarily, ego is recommended, when ego is publicized, if be about to know certain person or some individual, and unmanned introduce, be like likely, can sign up for a door oneself to the other side, oneself introduce oneself each other.

(2) the note of self introduction:

* notices an opportunity: Want to seize an opportunity, self introduction has in appropriate occasion, the other side has leisure, and the mood is better, when having fun at again, won't disturb each other so.

* pays attention to a manner: Manner must natural, affable, kind, amiable. Should calm self-confidence, natural and graceful, complaisant. Both neither can appoint appoint cowardly, cannot swashbuckling, flirtatious and exaggerative. State oneself long to know the genuine feeling of the other side. Anybody is honoured with be being taken seriously to be by other, if your manner is cordial, the other side also is met cordial. Mood wants nature, language fast it is normal to want, speech wants clarity. In the keep one's countenance when self introduction, expert chicly, conduce gives a person with good impression; Contrary, if you betray a cowardly and insecurity, tongue-tied, look adventitious, be flushed, hurry-scurry, can despise for other place, each other the channel between is aperient had cut off.

* notes time: When self introduction even concise, concise and comprehensive saves time as far as possible, it is beautiful with half minutes or so. Unfavorable more than one minute, and more short had healed. The word says more, appear not only long-winded, and association object also may not remembers. To save time, when introducing myself, still can use calling card, recommendation to try to assist.

* notices content: The content of self introduction includes 3 main essential factor: The unit of oneself full name, hold post and particular branch, post that hold the position of and the particular job that pursue. These 3 element, when self introduction, should successive newspaper gives without a break, conduce to already so to the person with complete impression, can save time again, do not blather. Want true and cordial, be practical and realistic, cannot self-dramatizing, exaggerated its demit.
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