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How does duty field new personality cast off disease of class of " be disgusted
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[case] think of to interest is done not have in heart going to work

“ is wanting to want to go to work everyday, my double leg resembles fill lead is same, carry do not rise! Xiaoxu says the some school graduate student that ” just graduated one year. Small Xu Yuan is the graduate student that college of a famous brand graduates, graduation hind seeks the job that is less than ideal all the time, arrived to just found the job of this current company March this year. Because of professional and incorrect mouth, half an year will be in all the time relearn new post knowledge. Because major is not ripe, some colleagues are right his fleer, director leader also expresses to suspect to his ability, rebuke face to face even once he, the proper pride that yields him very get hurt. Because there is progress on the job, half an year becomes a full member when deciding salary, his salary is surely with the undergraduate students a level, this gives him a serious blow again. Although “ has definite psychology to anticipate, but did not think of so little. ” Xiaoxu says, after monthly pay duty 1080 yuan. When I work, had not earned much, I am become before on the weekend assistant, two days have 200 yuan. Xiaoxu is very depressed, he often feels the bottom enrages inadequacy now, think with respect to be bitterly disappointed. Latter, as a result of excessive angst, xiaoxu all the time inappetence, often sleep to be not worn in the evening. Every sky class works, think of oneself circumstances, all the day crestfallen, do not wish to be contacted with the outside, the word is little also. Classmate party does not go more basically.

[analysis] young student wants study to get used to new post

Be aimed at this case, doctor of Chen Bin vice director points out center of Fuzhou medicine psychotherapy, the youth that the college just graduated, especially the graduate student of famous brand university, often be to cherish the enthusiasm of have one's bosom filled with and ambitious aspiration to be on a society, face future. They think they are cold originally window mug number carries, learned, behoove gets social deep love, also be “ white-collar ” at least, due high pay pay. Which think of reality is cruelty and callosity. Because, theory and practice still have very big difference; Ideal and reality are having more spaces. Whether can a person get used to new environment very quickly, in the place that whether can work in its with all round the person forms a kind of good human field quickly, suffer a person to approbate, by person affirmation, will affect his mood experience in the job and the enthusiasm to the job. If the youth of this phase is long with all round the person is antipathetic, maintain great-hearted ” of ” of “ scholastic gas and “ blindly. And colleague its with “ additional kind ” photograph looks, his certainly will produces depressed, unhappy move, the job rises without motivation, do start armed struggle come inefficient also, if things go on like this experiences angst, depressed, crestfallen, even insomnia, have no appetite for food.
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