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The end of the year thinks raises learns to become negotiation expert
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The end of the year will come, to working hard one year OL people for, the end of the year can be a special col. And the real success of raises of the end of the year, it is a kind of two-way successful —— lets boss and employee everyone is happy, but affairs of human life often so won't perfect, not be every employee that offers raises in the end of the year, can obtain a boss assent, a case under the hope can bring a few enlightenment to you.



Position: Employee of public relations department

Raises recipe: The key is to let a boss know your value to the company.

Vicky works to already had 2 years in the unit nowadays half, she thinks, of time accumulate, let oneself arise to the company while a home to return to feels, can win an employer the accredit of certain level. And each other are trustful, it is the base that offers raises in the future. She thinks, an employee, no matter be,raises puts forward to the boss in the end of the year or other time, must want to be clear about know, this him phase whether does working ability compare the past stronger, to the value of the company, it is more important to whether compare the past, such ability are OK and erect back puts forward raises. And put forward raises to still require a plan one time to the boss face to face, think good enough deals with a boss all sorts of interrogative actor's lines, guess the disposition be fond of that touchs accurate employer even, raises puts forward when its are buoyant, when comparing adventitious of fine of his one face shade, the hope is bigger.


Position: Engineer department inspector general

Raises recipe: The place that knows oneself (the position of the industry, position) that belongs to a company, it is the position that lets employer him knowledge next.

Du Du job is old, exist to duty field all sorts of going regulation has experience greatly. She once more than the ground puts forward raises to the boss, and every time, can achieve satisfactory result mostly. But actually, she also has been experienced hesitate level, she says, because that phase still does not understand his position,that is, the place that does not know oneself are in this industry and even this company how, be swayed by considerations of gain and loss of as a result.

She thinks, want to obtain the boss' self-identity, it is the process of successive of an exert a subtle influence on, the working capacity that uses oneself is ceaseless aggrandizement his subjective consciousness, should let him feel “ if I leave, he can be found very hard like me such talent ” , once let oneself have the ability of sex of ” of such “ only, the successful rate of raises is met very big.


Position: Market director

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