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Horticultural technology personnel and nurse are begged for be less than
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Jilin omits labor and report of social security office, from 2007 manpower resource market looks first quarter, horticultural technology personnel and nurse become what add newly to beg a profession for be less than.


As we have learned, the 10 big professions that beg for be less than in market of resource of Jilin province manpower at present are: Labour, travel browses clerk of child care family, dining-room clerk, mechanical cold working spatial clerk, promote be on sale the personnel, horticultural technology personnel, member that cut out manager of sew labour, branch reachs administrator, nurse, security personnel.


And to it contrary occurrence is for be more than the 10 big professions that beg a situation: Driver of power industry, motor vehicle, money will be personnel, civil service personnel, business personnel, custodial member, production of personnel of cooking of jockey, Chinese meal, tutor, drug makes work. Among them, personnel of Chinese meal cooking, tutor, medicines and chemical reagents produces the profession such as production labour is the profession that begs for be more than recently.