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Why dare you carry raises?
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Since small Zaly joined a company last year oneself, position, pay had not been moved all the time. Regard department of a market as assistant, sell data that month with respect to lunar base count, assist a manager to wait to clerk performance assessment again, basically lived importantly with respect to it doesn't matter. Ferial sundry of li of a few offices, cannot take how many time, the job also is relaxed small spare time. Now and then fall a little in MSN with her, zaly also is anxiety-ridden, how didn't him ability promote all the time, the person that cannot find the job now is too much, every time the company takes newlywed person I am afraid. Alas, a bit jumpy, other department is commenting the thing of raises, I but dare not carry, maintain now such good, if saying the company has raises again should everybody has a share. Professional program division suggests she has time to learn some of thing more as far as possible, the professional career that is oneself makes a sound program.

The prices this year rises, also driving more person to yearn for the desire of raises, the data that is summarized via relevant advisory case shows, ask to company or director the person of raises is occupied only actively 9.8% , investigate its reason, outside notting have the following kinds:

1, obtain employment pressure

With respect to Zaly character, the much that she does is routine auxiliary work, fail to form oneself core competition ability, can replace a gender strong. In duty field this part person, not clear to him acknowledge, without clear professional program. Grow day and day graduately every year, of this kind of position is them optimal cut a point, to the enterprise, it is a thousand li to carry one. And on-the-job, want to be faced with the eye covetously of new personality constantly not only, even beware of old one not satisfactory can open oneself, more the issue that does not raise raises, which dare ah.

2, weak force psychology

Come forward with respect to head having a gun since ancient times of the bird say, also what rafter giving brim rots first talk a way, everybody dare not step this one pace first, always hope others puts forward first, can below follow the lead of, perhaps look next how does the situation develop. Moreover, more person fears raises won'ts do, work to be not protected instead, also have of course actuating pressure will be greater after be afraid of raises, or it is an influence in the position that shows a company. General weak force psychology, let employee lack certain safe sense in the enterprise, to raises can be to hold only wait-and-see, wrap a pace individually not dare before.

3, information collect

Have additionally, a lot of people are congener to course of study of person of the same trade the compensation wage of position is average related the company level, did not investigate Hunan clear, and this is condition of a when carry raises fundamental premise. The exorbitant business that raises promotes cannot be accepted, return additionally may cause a boss to suspect whether you plan to find new job, and under average level, to your individual still be to fail to achieve ultimate goal. Professional program division reminds, the asymmetry of information, also be to comparative one of accounts that one part person dare not carry raises easily.
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