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The profession of 10 big judge people with their appearance
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1, mechanism entrance guard. Classical setting: The old person with one rustic appearance comes to duty room of entrance guard of municipal government mechanism. ------Comrade, is excuse me king ×× in? ------Hello, old man, your courage is not small, dare breathe out continuously our mayor name? ------I am to look for him occupied ah. ------Fasten ask for trouble, go, do you look for him what to thing you can have? ------He is my son.

2, hotel clerk. Classical setting: The man with one a bit messy hair comes to big to hotel of 5 stars class. ------Excuse me, flatlet of here hotel president how much Qian Yitian? ------Presidential flatlet? Who lives? You? But this wants U.S. dollor checkout ah? ------Irrespective, v/arc rent land or a house for subletting of my of short duration 3 months.

3, bazaar assistant. Classical setting: The middleaged woman that there is supermarket polybag on skill approachs bazaar gem bar. ------Young lady, bother you 5 carat get Buddhist monastic discipline to take me to look. ------It is OK to look, you were lying between bar glass to be able to see. ------Cannot come out in order to take look? ------Hum, you buy case, I am taken. ------Good, I am bought a bit less, take 4.

4, teacher. Classical setting: One a bit bow-backed middleaged man is asked by classmaster “ of the child ” entered the school. ------Are you the parent of ××× child? Which to go to work? ------Bureau of education is in city works. ------Oh, does bureau of education is in city work? Is be guard the entrance still tea house? ------Feel embarrassed quite, I am a director.

5, young lady of carry out building. Classical setting: The man that is riding a bike comes to high-grade building dish selling office. ------Excuse me you do this still have villa to sell? ------Having is to have, there can be common building here nevertheless dish sell, you had better arrive to look somewhere else. ------Need not, it is that 20 million yuan of villa, buy 2.

6, taxi driver. Classical setting: The man carrying a bag of accent of one other place went up a taxi. ------Hello, do you go? ------Master, send the airport me please. ------Airport pretty is far ah, at least wants two half hours. ------Won't, I go to work in the airport. Calculate a car, most most hour arrived.

7, nurse. Classical setting: More than 169 years old thin cling to cling to old person occupy hospital. ------××× bed, you the medical treatment cost of this month already consumed, ask you to be moved today guard a house especially. ------Do I continue to hand in money to you can live this? ------Hand in money to also be no good. ------Is the father-in-law that then I am your dean also no good? ------Ouch, how do you often say not early, you refer the thing much regard sb as an outsider of money.

8, manpower resource director. Classical setting: One appearance comes to ministry of resource of labor power of a well-known company to apply for before common man. ------Graduate of which domestic famous brand college are you? ------I am the book that reads in abroad, american Yale graduates. ------The post of which branch is what you apply for? ------Feel sorry, what I apply for is your vise general manager.
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