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Chief inspector of Dalian finance affairs (CFO) groom already became dimensions
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Join WTO as China, economic progress is conforming with international in the round, the Chinese financial inspector general that begins from 2005 (CFO) attestation, what conform with international just about is national groom the job. Press international convention, business management holds card mount guard is inevitable trend, CFO attestation grooms solved the “ finance affairs with Chinese most self-given enterprise thoroughly chief inspector ” does not have card mount guard, frame-up character does not arrange the name or apprentice has the problem of undeserved reputation.

At present the whole nation already had many 5000 financial and senior administrator (forehead of countrywide every fixed number of year signs up) attended to groom. By Dalian blue sea senior management person with ability is groomed the CFO attestation that the school undertakes grooms since landing Dalian last year in June oneself, already 150 people attended to groom, can say to already became dimensions. The new idea that the student that joins model acquired place of financial chief inspector to need already, new knowledge, new mastery of a skill or technique, rose to assume function power, took cartel of national society and labor safeguard ministry, China again the international that meeting and institute of British Cambridge university issue, home's current qualification certificate. Sign up actively attend CFO attestation to groom the consensus that already became finance affairs to provide personnel high. The high quality education of the school, rigorous management, what the service that human nature changes obtained the high evaluation of the student that join model and social all circles is extensive approbate. For this, blue sea school will have teacher and student two rounds again before the end of the year, in order to satisfy student people demand.