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The foreign enterprise asks to show 4 big trends to secretarial
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Serve limited company from resource of manpower of Beijing foreign enterprise (FESCO) understands, of quality of the change of the development as the society, enterprise, individual rise, the foreign enterprise presents trend of the following kinds of development to the requirement of secretary position:


—— chares from “ ”“ vase ” transforms to professionalism secretary. It is with asking to basically be reflected to the secretary toward foreign capital enterprise on language and figure, do not have too much requirement to working experience. But contemporary profession secretary tastes travel, artistic appreciation and even disposition type respect to raise taller requirement in working experience, individual.


—— asks from major of “ rigid ” to “ soft ” quality changes stride. Secretarial job is to type only no longer, deliver file and provide information, expand however arrive for the compose from the report of writ archives arrange treatment, deliver the collection of information, collect, abstraction from file information, from daily outside couplet activity is coordinated to in-house communication wait for each respects.


The —— requirement to secretary knowledge structure more incline to at specializationing, professionalism. In the industry such as IT, communication, mechanical, electron, microelectronics, requirement secretary can use oneself place to learn a trade in the job relevant and professional knowledge, solve a few specific problems, know company product and business affairs solution better. Additional, the trade that high speed expands waits in IT, communication, fast consumable, pay attention to secretarial study ability and fast and agile reaction ability more. In law, seek advice wait for an industry, collect to secretarial information arranging ability and sedate disposition and affinity is a kind of test.


—— reflects the character of company culture, people culture. Be like, euramerican company pays attention to the play of secretary major ability more, the hardware condition such as ability of language, file processing and industry knowledge is their first selection; Japanese company pays attention to the accomplishment of secretary oneself and development latent capacity more, and communicate harmonious ability, affinity to wait.


Resource of manpower of Beijing foreign enterprise serves Wang Yie of limited company general manager to express: “ is current, this one profession moves toward the secretary gradually individuation, specialization and the road of professionalism, accompanying cross the grow in quantity that culture is communicated and communicates, concept of Chinese traditional secretary also transforms to internationalization. ”