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Note will be the fifth overseas training industry leading talent leave
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CPA industry leading talent of the fifth training course on October 31 outside the leave, the United States to accept the three-week training. Secretary-General at the AICPA Chen Yugui message to students before departure training and careful training, learn and earn. Chen Yugui Secretary-General in his speech that the U.S. CPA profession over 100 years of development history, the development of the CPA profession has accumulated a wealth of experience. Understanding of the development of foreign CPA industry, learning as I used, the CPA profession in China an important reference for international development. Chen Yugui Secretary-General stressed in particular the Chief Accountant leading talent is to promote the industry leading talent leaps and bounds the main force, need to have an international vision and overall quality. Hope all the students attach importance to and cherish this opportunity, serious training, learn and earn and learn something and learn something with a truly leading international development industry. To implement the "National Program for long-term talent development (2010-2020)" and the Ministry of Finance, "the accounting profession long-term talent development plan (2010-2020)" to further promote the CPA profession personnel training strategies for accounting firms bigger and stronger, and "going out" to provide personnel support, the AICPA CPA Chief Accountant will be the second leading talent outside of the training theme of "internal governance mechanisms accounting firm optimization and business development of international capital markets." Designed to enhance the subject accounting firm focused on the overall strength, taking into account new business development, the CPA profession fit the needs of leaps and bounds. The training includes topics accounting firm internal governance mechanisms, covering system design partner of accounting firm, promotion and incentive mechanism, the scale expansion path selection, quality control and other members; the U.S. capital markets audit project, involving the United States stock market norms, Key audit risk analysis and case analysis; accounting, auditing knowledge topics, covering the accounting profession on the future of American University trend of world economy and the accounting and auditing standards of the latest research findings. Participants will examine a full range of training to provide an insight into the U.S. CPA status and future prospects the industry a platform for the Chinese international development of the CPA profession to provide references. Courses will be invited from the United States CPA industry regulators, Certified Public Accountants, Certified Public Accountants and the well-known experts from reputable institutions focus on relevant content of the training, the two countries will organize on-site Certified Public Accountant exchanges between the two countries for the current the development of the CPA profession of some hot, the focus of discussion issues. CPA industry leading talent overseas training courses have been held four, open industry leader in human resources for the international perspective, and promote the training of the industry internationally, to promote the accounting firm "going out" play a positive role in promoting. The U.S. training is held in the AICPA's industry leading talent outside of the fifth training course, led by the Chief Accountant CPA personnel composition of the second batch of 16 participants.