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The Liang Shan that a tiger causes is rambunctious
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Lunar black wind is tall
Shan Bozhong of water waterside bridge the thrill through before justice hall door one black shadow
“ dragon elder brother works hard all the way, your a long time such as eldest brother of the Song Dynasty, enter quickly please. ” counsellor Wu Yong says, getting that hastily black shadow enters house ……

The following day, loyally magpie of the crow inside hall is breathed, did not have former days blatant
Songjiang became clear throat, one face is opposite gravely below numerous hero says: My one good friend brings “ yesterday evening one message, the ground that says 3 the Qin Dynasty appears one fierce tiger. For the safety of common people, my as consultative as counsellor decisions single out a dozen tiger hero purify in numerous brother this damage. But because time is brash, choose with counsellor grass so, did a list of names posted up of a hero that hit a tiger, everybody looks. ”
See Wu Yong calls two people to stick a piece of a list of names posted up on the wall only. Everybody looks, an in an uproar:

The first: In relief ridge of fierce loose scene beats dead fierce tiger
The 2nd: Treasure of the solution that see treasure ascends city hill to beat dead fierce tiger
The 3rd: Hill of mountain of Li Kui short for the Yihe River beats dead fierce tiger 4

Li Kui raves: “ this a list of names posted up cannot be justified or explained away, I beat dead 4 fierce tigers just are gotten the 3rd, eldest brother of the Song Dynasty you say a reason to everybody. ”

What does “ call, iron ox-tractor? Face of river of ” the Song Dynasty one shade, say, : “ although they are to beat dead, but the force that rid the people of the evil is large, the world knows in all, brace up prestige of my bridge hill, do you beat dead what is reason of 4 fierce tigers? ”

They ate “ I am old woman! ”

“ with a ha breaths out ……” everybody to laugh

“ need not say, you beat dead fierce tiger is for his private business, unlike they are for common people, so you are discharged the 3rd already very pretty good, go down to me. ” Song Jiang sneers.

Anger of Li Kui of my ……” of “ my …… is round eye, but can say nothing again.

Two jins of beef, dishful pignut, one altar green bamboo snake is worn in the fill in Li Kui's mouth. At that time, the fellow of a thin and small hum move ditty never far walks over.

Dog of “ gold wool, you come over to drink to me! ” Li Kui raves.

What come over so is Liang Shan Duan Jing stays in the golden wool dog with final rank, at ordinary times Li Kui is to distain to interact with its, think its are the Lilliputian of a meeting applepolish nevertheless.
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