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Duty field 5 live greatly expostulatory
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Be engaged in in manpower resource industry old, the biggest gain can have namely of all kinds crowd is extensive in opportunity and duty field contact, also calculate the observation with have certain and understanding to its. It is graduate that the crowd of the most difficult obtain employment in duty field can say. Because graduate never plans to cross his to develop future profession way, the specific profession that perhaps should pursue in the future to oneself did not make clear clear understanding, it is difficult in process of to apply for a job to bring about heavily. The question with graduate difficult obtain employment gets all the time the wide attention of social all circles. Old duty hunt is engaged in in manpower resource industry as, I want to give out to graduate to apply for a job expostulatory at 5 o'clock.
One, be good at program profession career
It is early a year ago, expert of manpower resource respect advanced the idea of ” of " duty hunt, remind duty field the crowd values the value that professional career plans. Duty hunt, duty of in an attempt to person demand of to apply for a job is oriented, it is a foundation with substantial position natural resources, it is a condition with manpower resource knowledge and skill, use the information that oneself master, skill or person pulse, the person that it is to apply for a job provides obtain employment relevant manpower resource serves and collection is certain the person of charge, also call the profession on " net advisory ” . Narrow sense will tell, the person that help to apply for a job realizes efficient essence to allow obtain employment duty hunt; Broad sense will tell, it is the long-term program of career of the profession of crowd of the field that aid duty that finish.
Successful professional career plans to duty field crowd, the graduate import that just begins to apply for a job especially is extraordinary. Specific for, with already the direction that some achievement are life of foundation, establish, offer struggling strategy; Characteristic of accurate assessment individual and strong point; Determine a professional direction definitely; Recognize the value of oneself afresh and make its appreciation, discover new professional opportunity thereby, enhance professional competition ability. This also becomes graduate to apply for a job to succeed crucial factor.
2, need the work excelsior
Because environment of actuating pressure, work, human relation, oneself waits a reason a moment, may cause duty field crowd now and then go-slow mood. But anyhow, we work to our should excelsior. It is all round us, it is easy to have often some of person always is compared satisfied to oneself working state, further effort can abandon later. However, did not make high quality work impossibly to the pursuit of high quality job. Say natively to graduation especially, of need is a job not just, should be a platform that realizes ego more. Discover on this platform and create value.
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