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The choice works even if choose life
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Right, professional career program is so important to the influence of life. So, before you undertake the profession chooses, had better consider first, my general is willing kind lives with what kind of. Choose industry standard is decided by one the individual's viewpoint of value normally, but how to live more however the philosophy that reflected a person.

A lot of moment, the person that appeal asks a collective question very can confusedly: Why the job that others envies me is good, income is high, and myself is happy not at all however. In fact, this is in because of him namely choose course of study at the beginning of had not chosen way of life actually considering him. The appearance …… in feeling when him the job and life are not his imagination is to feel he also cannot be borne again even go down, generated the question of philosophical type: Be to work to still live for the life after all for the job?
Value orientaton affects professional development

Viewpoint of professional program expert:

Does everybody seek pay in the job tall, welfare is environment of good, work easy? Really, the requirement to corporeal respect also is a kind of value orientaton normally, but in fact, the viewpoint of value that is not everybody is same. A completely contrary difference appears possibly even between person and person.

Leo university 4 grade when, attended officeholder to take an exam together along with everybody, the pass an entrance examination in thinking the view that envies in everybody actually. Then, ground of the follow a rational line to do some work well after graduation joined officeholder procession, everybody is his working stability, the profession of provide for the aged with welfare favorable treatment and glad. However Leo is very dejected however say, this kind of life can use “ really chicken ribs will describe, exceedingly tired heart. If can choose, I aux would rather do the work with a human relatively simple environment. ”

The value orientaton of Leo actually very simple, no more than is to want to seek a good human relationship, however his job cannot satisfy him however such demand, make he also produced listless move in the life beyond the job then. Same, people thinks generally 30 years old is an occupational bottleneck period. Is the value orientaton of people of 30 years old how? More 30 years old people, uprighting to often fall at having on “ when having small ” , so, a job that stabilize and has safeguard just is the life need that can satisfy them, what ability brings their life to go up is comfortable with stable feeling.

Of course, also have a kind of such people, head of 30 annual expenditure turns however go reading, for instance Mr Guo, in 31 years old when, the decision quits the job, return campus afresh, the reason is very simple, that accepts education namely, let a career go up again height. He needs intellectual complement, if cannot satisfy his this one requirement, his job also will not bring him happiness and contented sense. Mr Guo is to feel development future is very uncertain, just eventually painful be determined.
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