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Adult needs 5 stories that see teach you to learn to be an upright person
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1, good-tempered an a piggy, sheep and a milker, be closed to be in same in corral. Once, pastoral nab piggy, 牠 loud howl, fiercely is defied. Sheep and milker are fed up with the howl of 牠 , say: " he often catchs us, we do not breathe out greatly small cry. Piggy listened to reply: " catch you and catching me is two different matters completely, he catchs you, the wool that just wants you and galactic, but nab me, be the lot that wants me however! Footing is different, located the person with different environment, understand the feeling of the other side very hard; Because of the frustrated, setback of this pair of others, pain, unfavorable take pleasure in other's misfortune, and the mood that should want to concern bosom, understanding. Want to have good-tempered heart!
2, rely on him   small snail to ask mother: Why we from be born, be about to bear this carapace that weighs forcedly again again? Mom: Because our body was not propped up skeletally, can climb only, climb discomfort again. Want the protection of this carapace so! Small snail: Elder sister of caterpillar elder sister does not have bone, also climb discomfort, why need not she carry this carapace that weighs forcedly again again on the back however? Mom: Because elder sister of caterpillar elder sister can become butterfly, the sky can protect her. Small snail: But earthworm little brother also does not have bone to climb discomfort, the carapace that his what does not carry this on the back to be weighed forcedly again again won't also turn butterfly into? Mom: Because earthworm little brother can get ground, the earth can protect him. Small snail cried: We are very pitiful, the sky is not protected, the earth also is not protected. Snail mom comforts him: " so we have case! " we do not rely on   day, also do not rely on the ground, we rely on ourselves.
3, shark and fish ever somebody has done a test, put a the ferallest shark in with a flock of tropical fish same a pond, separate with aggrandizement glass next, original, the shark hits that glass that cannot see ceaselessly everyday, be able to bear or endure why this is infructuous only, it cannot go across too from beginning to end, and experimental personnel has everyday put fish of a few crucian carp to be in pond, so the shark also did not lack prey, it is it still wants to go across only, want to try that beautiful flavor, still be ceaseless everyday hit that glass, it tried every corner, it is spent and main every time, but the bruise again and again that always also does every time, have many times all over burst bleeds, lasted better day, every time glass appears crack, experimental personnel adds a thicker glass immediately.
Later, the shark hits that glass no longer, multicolored to those tropical fish also is cared about no longer, be like the mural that they just can move on the wall, it begins to waiting to secure the crucian carp fish that can appear everyday, undertake chasing with his nimble instinct next, those who be like the extremely arrogant in returning the sea is fierce bully gas, but all these just is the holiday resembles, the experiment arrived final phase, experimental personnel takes away glass, but the shark does not have reaction however, still be everyday swimming in fixed area it not only to those tropical fish go-by, escape when those crucian carp fish even there go, he abandons quest immediately, say whats do not wish to go again, the experiment ended, experimental personnel laughs at it is the most cowardly fish in the sea. But be lovelorn,the person that pass knows why, it is afraid of painful.
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