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Interview is wearing skill
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1. Interview is wearing skill:

Every student can encounter interview in the process that apply for a job, interview when what to wear, often become great master very a headachy problem. When interview, step into interview office in you that momently, interview official has dressed up because of your dress undertook judging to you, from come up somehow it what said after saying this is in than you is more important that what after saying this is in than you, said.

Interview dress should the basis goes to the company of interview property, top foreign enterprise, office of bank of such as investment, 4 big accountant can ask employee is wearing special major, professionalism, so woman student of this kind of business should choose interview professional suit, color is between black or gray. Interview is other foreign enterprise and most state-owend enterprise when, the shirt that should wear blue, white, ash only and black, grey on the west pants, expression is sober, relaxed OK.
2. Interview dress is no-no:

Interview moment schoolgirl above all skin of not OK and excessive dew, if the skirt of dress is too short, or jacket is not had get without sleeve, wearing condole to carry dress even is not allowed completely.

There is and so on of clear pattern, paillette on the dress that also can not wear when interview next, too absorbing eyeball, leave too messy impression to the person.

The schoolgirl when interview also cannot choose too gorgeous color, for instance and so on of gules, yellow, orange, can give the vision that takes an examination of Guan Taijiang wallop, the attention that is him is centered on the issue that you state without method.