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Cannot not believe a reason: Duty field partner of 12 constellation gold
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Action force can say the pronoun that is you, efficient it is the first impression that you give a person. But, work anger of wind wind fire is easy however and fierce, because be eager to hope for success and easy get into trouble. Taurine everything pursues stable development, with his partner you need not worry about too much, should plan the issue only appropriate, he is met very serious finishing, you should wait for a result only with respect to OK. Maiden careful, everything is accomplished to the queen's taste, with him the partner is met very Shu Xin. The Ge You of Aries and maiden Fan Bingbing is the same as stage show " mobile phone " , in pairs flourish is ascended in those days after shadow of emperor of 100 beautiful shadows large award. And Gemini is wind photograph constellation, he resembles wind that kind will freely, slick head always has a few fantastic idea. Of sex of the look up before having you and he joins a hand by force by force, will create a beautiful new world!


You are very much time is average like willing ox, the job that is an one hundred percent is mad, hardheaded, willingly bear the burden of hard works. Become in the job ox with the ox when going to, did not leave with respect to cent it seems that. Become the tacittest partner very easily, with respect to two bodies that think as one build head. The name that is Taurus together directs Wu Yusen and renown actor Zhourun to send is a pair of old partners, achieved tacit cooperation of ten years. Pisces is extremely rich sympathize with heart and include force, nobody can hold back your stubbornness, but fish however can placatory your troubled heart, what can become you is optimal the person that pour out object and shelter. And the temperament with gentle and elegant Libra resembles a vernal sunshine, gentle happy person. Enter in all hand in hand with him can make your mood cheerful, working progress also is like make use of an opportunity to do sth!


Quick mind lets you can adapt oneself to changing circumstances, but resemble spending butterfly only however sometimes, keep alternating the direction of the flight, so that lose way. Capricorn work dovish have a principle, although walk,also can live firmly on cliff bluff calcaneal. There is him to accompany you to travel together all the way in the job, can let you have kind of dependable and smooth and steady relaxed feeling. Leo as bright and dazzling sun general, ebullient, glamour of extremely rich leader. You and address fruit definitely his partner, aux will be able to finishs a lot of impossible jobs. Libra is extremely rich creativity, both of you partner can break through all manacling, the flower in flashy spurt originality. The Wu Zongxian of the small S of Gemini and Libra chairs " I guess me to guess me guess " reach " recreation hundred " have originality very much, very successful also.


Your thought is close, careful and defend established practice, work silently low-keyly calmly. Ox play sedate and spell able, if two people cooperate, he can lay good foundation seriously, organize good company reasonably; And you are managed can attentively, bilateral effort and tacit understanding cooperate to be able to accomplish the career the biggest. If running water is ordinary,bottle works, fast and have rhythm, they go out for you seek a plan, your career success rate will be higher. And you very sensitive, very intense to the report of the outside, the bottle with much wicked idea can be in casual when give you the surprise, the mood that lets you reachs culmination very quickly. Your mood wave motion is bigger, fish the mood know sth like the palm of one's hand to you, he is met very the foot act that cooperates you, make your heart quiet with gentle manner.
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