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The to apply for a job of 12 any of the twelve animalses is believed (explode la
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Rat: This locality registered permanent residence, had worked in steelworks building site before, had transferred the ownership of one part rolled steel. Be good at going up evening shift, meet, seek the job such as community service, homemaking.
Arrogant: The body is good, can bear hardships, can work overtime, labor medallist, seek state-owend enterprise position, collective, illicit look forward to is avoided talk.
Tiger: Appearance condition is good, ever was in " Shui Hu " in piece perform leading role (note: For) of condole forehead tiger, it is the spokesman of much home brand at present, intercourse is wide, beg acting character of image of international big company, public relations one duty.
Hare: Athletic master sportsman, ever won second place of dash of game of prefectural stage business, adversary is a tortoise. Passing sell a company to had done business, because of agreeing to pull close follower water to be gotten on the line abandons. Beg all need to do legwork position.
Dragon: Senior officer children, tens of year the state-owend enterprise leads experience, demand relevant post, avoid under CEO talk.
Snake: Brilliant student of college of famous brand woman, MBA, provide artist temperament, be good at planar design, had made medical sale, had run shape training course, had taken thin body ad. Requirement position: You are looked at do.
: Big money B is illuminated, more rich car drives experience, inside of high level of hep state-owend enterprise, seek a company senior adviser one duty.
Sheep: Assiduous, have experience of low level management, hold a group spirit concurrently, be good at field climbing, pan Yan, seaborne, burrow is expeditionary, seek travel agent relevant profession.
Monkey: Disposition extroversion, dare to innovate, had done student union cadre. During school, ever reflected a burden to school leadership on behalf of broad student too heavy: 3 classes are overcome really 4 afternoon in the morning, via talking things over, school leadership agrees with instead in the morning 3 afternoon 4. Beg official one duty.
Chicken: 100 things of “ are funny ” cup is vocal match woman group national champion, pursuit is fashionable, take a family seriously, have certain activity capacity, the cousin signs up for figure spokesman for some, beg advertisement to sell position.
Dog: Talented person of typical expert in one thing and good at many, ever obtained academical controversy to surpass winning prize, had done foreman of look forward to of security personnel, illicit, reaction is sharp, be apt to carefully watch what sb is doing and saying, love hillock respects property, seek position of header of financial industry security personnel.
Pig: Grow contrary clique, softhearted, weight exceeds bid, oral language is “ I am very ugly but I am very tender ” . For town enterprise workshop the group grows before unemployment, do not carry hillock, but want a bag to eat encase.
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