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Interview skill: Skill of interview of 60 seconds eloquence
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Skill of another good preparation is law of 60 seconds eloquence. After you send main decision-maker resume about a week when, make a telephone call to him with respect to this. Ask whether your resume already was received not simply, this piles up to facing 100 thousand is for the employer of mountainous resume a kind disturbing. A better way is to use 60 seconds or fewer time, explain you had sent resume, explain why you think yourself is the person selected with this best position. Speech of these 60 seconds should be the circumstance to oneself is made generalize crisply, include the following 3 main factors:

Do you do ● what works (or what to want to be done to work) ?

● your most is strong point skill what success got?

Do you seek ● a what kind of position?

After you and the case that the manager that recruit has discussed you, if you are invited to go interview, that is too good! If do not have, do not let this thing end at this point! Whether does he think we should like to ask to find a few special ability on applicant body. You whether do bit of other business or send another a few materials (wait like written example, clip, file) go helping manager of invite applications for a job make a decision. Person of even when thing refused, the resume that says you is already enough sufficient, but he or may be touched by your interest and enthusiastic place.

If you still do not do these, ask employer sees him be willing to smoke a few minutes to interview you explicitly. If won't do, ask party knows to who is interested with have you the person of such conditions talks. If you cannot be arranged interview or cannot get a referenced opinion, after asking whether employer minds your month, call to them again. No matter be interview opportunity,your purpose is the answer —— that gets an affirmation from the phone, still be the proposal that applied for a job merely. Do not want to abandon easily, but any moment want modesty to be mixed carefully have professional level.

Search the employer that recruits you likely

What why apply for a job in you is inchoate should vacate time to study you pay close attention to the company inside limits? Here has two very good reason: The first, this is the good method that searchs the employer that recruits you likely. The 2nd, this is the effective method of the specific company that you know you can morely to will work for it.

Searching the employer that recruits you likely is time of a cost, but the business that deserves hard. To use time effectively, you should divide your research work into two different level. The first phase just should endeavor collect is numerous and different a few basic message of the company, include:

● company name, address, phone and fax number

The name of ● main contact and working honor

The property of ● this company

● product or service

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