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Requirement raises is fastened below 5 kinds of circumstances
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Experts are warned, before the mouth applies for raises, you need to decide you do not attribute a kind of any following situations first, otherwise your application not only do not close to expect the result, can reduce the professional social status that hardship accumulates instead.

The enterprise has Shi Shen of fixed pay system to carry raises

Be in China, the state-owned company with a few long time and large company own fixed pay system. The length of service that becomes you reachs particular fixed number of year, when the certain raises standard that perhaps accorded with an enterprise, nature meets salary go up in proportion tone. If you apply for raises desperately in this kind of enterprise, not only won't be successful, the professional faithfulness that still can reduce oneself is spent, make the leader oppugns your professional personal integrity and professional quality.

Current affairs should be known when the enterprise is in condition of “ stagnant ”

Say commonly, when if located enterprise is in,be immersed in development bottleneck, the enterprise can build a kind of “ painstakingly hand in hand homocentric, cross the atmosphere of difficulty ” in all, without giving thought to,the raises of be insensible requests to be able to make employee looks is a “ the cold-blooded animal of company fate ” , it is very unwise.

Professional expression avoids honour mouth when devoid conviction

Do not have an any companies to be able to stipulate “ time arrives, go up certainly money ” . Lack convincing professional expression when you especially, often cannot finish inhospitality of the task, human relation or insecurity on time for instance, had appeared even when weighty responsibility error, ought not to put forward raises for reason with “ time ” , worsen further thereby your professional figure in boss heart.

The undergraduate that just gave a school gate answers be practical and realistic

Undergraduates are in enter working station after period of time, often can produce move of a few achievement. But ” of feeling of results of this kind of “ and the “ that have actually contribute force ” is two different matters at all. Unless you are had,surmount the value contribution at someone else apparently inside short time, must not put forward raises self-righteously otherwise.

Pay level is inside course of study place of Mo Jiang of on the high side's person is bad

Any industry, have its pay level relative to the standard. If you are current pay has kept balance with this standard even summary prep above this standard, and the person that the enterprise that you hold a post is not the outstanding, weathy outstanding in course of study of person of the same trade again, so your compensation float space actually already special and finite, with its ground of try to make sb do sth which he can't do applies for raises, next finding new job or promote as seriously consideration higher professional administrative levels makes a plan again.
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