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Know person wise move: 6 action see quiet others
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Asking with dispute view its annals;

Poor with demit argue outlook its change;

The with scheme view of consult its are known;

Accuse with disaster difficult and Guan Jiyong;

Drunk with wine view its sex;

The with benefit view that face its cheap;

Period watch its with the thing to believe.

Of course, I am not to lie dragon gentleman, actual go-between can be not used certainly, but to the person character, combine the experience of my oneself, of summary when be time-tested however, list now draw lessons from reference in order to offer:

1, poor with demit argue outlook its change;

With respect to a few relevant debates with a person sexual topic undertakes contention, the ability of alert and resourceful reaction that can see a person and its state of mind are open.

2, put with attributive view its are known;

Ever the foreigner says: In Chinese deal, the biggest question is the person's problem. Manage a person, myself thinks best method puts namely authority and go greatly: Give you enough limits of authority, let a person have the mobile space of an open, but supervise what you work to handle affairs stealthily process, see its handle its ability, the 2 attitudes that see its handle the work, 3 person in deviate work track, when causing relatively major negative effect or loss possibly to the company, very seasonable skill gives correct or check.

3, drunk with wine view its sex;

Drink with the person and urge sb to drink. , can see one the individual's moral character, the babble after some person wine, this person cannot involve the great secret of you and its individual, because say to forbid which days,spit to you completely after he is malty came; Moreover, some people are insufficient to his control force, spit greatly in desk edge in public, perhaps you take where day he sees the client appears such awkward situation, do so that occasion is in a complete mess, hard wind up. 3, in Bacchic hind seek company of a few beautiful sister to him, in order to see its sex of whether drunken chaos. There are 3 kinds of hobbies to get a person to must take care to get along certainly on the world: Poison, bet, yellow.

4, the with benefit view that face its cheap;

Watch a person or manage you to get subordinate, you need to make the place that can have an insatiable desire for petty gain more very much to him, see him clean-fingered, analyse its to have an insatiable desire for the place of petty gain, your need that is life place approach really gives a help to solve stealthily, observe for a long time, otherwise, need of this kind of person is carried carefully with. After all although present petty gain is missing, the loss also does not calculate big, but when attributive reachs certain level, say to forbid which days to he is swept across and escape, take step of what kind of mend the fold after a sheep is lost without giving thought to in those days, appear when be late already, loss inevitable.
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