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Abdication book can be written such, be to have ability too really
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Dear boss:
The face issued a rain outside yesterday, this lets me remember the line of Wang Guozhen of our country well-known poet: “ always has such some of time, be for love, just sheer stealthily, those who sheer is form, those who do not hide, it is that however, silent feelings. ……“
Lead you to look, he is written much weller, I read his poem at the same time, take cold side at the same time, result vinegar was not put eat, lead you to say, if us also can all the time so good, this are much better.
Can be a something unexpected may happen any time, I want, I want brandish to wave the ground goes, do not take away one cloudlet colour, lead you to see this also have poetic flavour very much.
After-thought at the outset, become me the first times to see you when, I was attracted by you, you sit after boss desk, the big stupid Zhong Ban that produces like an England is giant and strong, you say to want to work be about to love this company first, because loved a company to just can love the job, how didn't I also understand, what do not love anyway is talk glibly talk nonsense, you can give me how many money just is honest, you say is.
You signed up for a low that the day kills, according to this salary number, I can spend it equably in inside January everyday 3 packets of health masters are convenient on the face, still can much give a yuan of money, buy an egg of what nourishing and nourishing. You see I am not willing, say to love word facing one, salary does not have valence. I also lacking cash at that time, want to love, fall in love with you anyway the firm that this Taiwanese opens, also be stable solidarity of the two sides of the Taiwan Straits to make the contribution with due gens of cruel of a 90 time.
In the company in you every morning not only should play card, still a fine line listens to your v/arc an admonitory talk to subordinates. I love to listen to your v/arc an admonitory talk to subordinates most, like thinking I love to listen to my grandmother to eat a beans to hit wind as a child, but see you are before the team saliva 4 splash, immediately board wet, the aunt that pulls a floor board answers a happy ground to say: You are in, she can live to be ninety-nine.
We should be below the right leader of your great glory, work overtime everyday to very late, resemble me, be department of operation of responsible company army provisions, listen go up this official is very old, provide the meal that order a case namely actually, you say to work overtime is to give a company to make contribution, so company to repay employee, the employee that is about to work overtime freely to every orders box meal, box meal standard is a two-spot, the inn-keeper that does box meal then at that time very not happy, unless flourishing is worn,say meal just this price. Did not think of you listened very glad, say to be opposite ah right ah order a meal with respect to light, the person is iron comes the meal is steel, useless dish is wrapped beyond iron and steel. You still say, employee ought to drip Shui Zhien emerges fontal look newspaper, the box meal that ate you (still do not have dish really, a meal is completely in the box) , so overtime need not be sent. We everybody is touched very much at that time, a little female employee shed excited tear on the spot, everybody says: In socialistic big family, can touch on you so a boss, the good luck that is me really.
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