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Are you the 3H gens in city?
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What kind of person can be called “ new rich ”

It is this well and truly new definition of rise estate the next is not easy thing. The definition that the Neozoic market orgnaization that monitor leaves to this estate is: High spending, tall record of formal schooling, tall feeling spends —— namely so called 3H, 3H is the English abbreviate of Highconsumption, Highedu Cation, Highsensibility.

Among them, tall feeling spends is to point to: Of high-tech and new product most the person that foretaste tries, the hunter of high quality life and author, take an active part in social commonweal general affairs enthusiasticly for instance, like to publish the opinion cacique of the viewpoint.

New rich accord with what condition

What if you want to judge your,define in this report is new rich, so you see him accord with add up to it to open the condition that give:

A. Record of formal schooling

You should be in the 60 time evening of last centuries or it is 70 time are born, your age should be in ~ is 39 25 years old years old, if you are unfortunate this year already 40 odd, so the organization that asks yourself to search you. You should have gotten good education, new the education that rich 80% above had accepted university above, have more almost 20% it is Master record of formal schooling. Still say in the report, new rich group basically comprises by 4 kinds of people: The cadre of office of personnel of company company administrator, professional technology, state, institution and fashionable white-collar (office article member) , still having one share is free profession person.

B. Income reachs capital fund

This your person hearten, of China new rich it is to rely on assiduous job rich rise, in other words their rich not be inherent, also not be to rely on ” of “ original sin to absorb, give no cause for more criticism. New rich rich, treat income. Study findings report shows, income of every monthly wages is in the new wealthy family of 60% 5000 yuan of above, income of month of new wealthy family is in 30% above 10000 yuan of above.

Of nearly 70% new rich had bought housing, the new rich unit of nearly 20% allocates have housing, still have other the housing of all sorts of origin 8% . Accordingly, of 95% new rich the house property that has owned oneself.

Of 100% new rich have financial capital fund, the investment orientaton of capital basically is a stock, it is deposit next.

The new wealthy family of 77% has a car (61% have buy a car oneself, 16% have an unit to match car) . Among them of 46% new rich rely on oneself to pay the money that buy a car, 10% rely on loan to pay. Look from the fare that buys a car, the price that the new rich place of 77% has a car is in 100 thousand yuan of above, among them 37% 150 thousand yuan are centered in 100 thousand yuan of ~ .
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