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The real features of small Long Nv and Yang Guo jump cliff truth (explode laugh)
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First act: Force on cliff

I stand on cliff, carrying Xuan Tiejian on the back, piece from anger.

You also knew this thing she jumps down —— my aunt from here again this morning. The reason is me those who grunted a meal that she cooks is inferior to my Huang Shi's mother burning is delicious. She thinks this makes love the new and loathe the old. I tell you to won't not use idiom in disorder without culture with her, tell case new old the portion that where will there are you? Is I know mother of person yellow division when? Is knowing you when? After I am clear about the meaning explanation that love the new and loathe the old, she begins to make a scene. Make a scene invalid, strong go out go approaching precipice continuously. See truth unspeakable, she cooks as Huang Shi's mother of course do well, this is a fact, best-know.

Behind the curtain: The real features of small Long Nv

She rectifies a suit white dress to wear besides ground of thing of old still thing now, other had resembled without where at the outset the small Long Nv of that pure and noble.

She has the following major change: The first, get fat. She becomes a woman that likes to eat fat after marriage, lie between 3 difference 5 requirements I hit fat pig to her in grove. Before marriage we two experienced swords when because be in the mixed doubles,often should have the difficult action that flies together, this movement does that time more relaxed and give a kind of my huge contented sense. I want again now with her those more than 160 jins body comes again " law of sword of heart of jade female element " , after coming down, mix wash a distinction of sauna it doesn't matter.

The 2nd, chatter. Her nag rises nobody can be compared. I am thinking at the outset the so much beauty that I meet why by me easy to do let slip. Be, the experience life that waits her in those days is not close very action person likes, when but you should know experience world,not deep person also can have full classics affairs of human life. Lesson?

The 3rd, dilettante. The woman is dilettante not strange, but can dilettante to small Long Nv that on the portion, little after all. After hitting her to begin to contact a society oneself, socially the temptation that the thing with those peripheral and coarse bizarre and motley makes to her always lets my be nervous. She does not think to this shame, think instead flourish —— not not, do not say to me this cries relaxedly lovely, if your wife runs quickly 50 years old person return eye of Dai Xiaohei casing to catch green hair to wear the outfit that show hilum, your be bashful?

Memory: Jump the road of cliff

The world of two people is to let us really two too disgusting. So she begins to turn a pure agitate excrement into stick. I do not respond her, she jumps cliff.

According to my not complete count, jump the 5th times this is her today cliff. Duller is: I am master Yang Guo, so I have to go down to save her. Original our love is a famous legend in all corners of the country, await me in those days quite complacent, capture who tells me to jump that the earliest with who the heroic experience of cliff. Cannot think of, now we the dumpling below two common occurrence jumps euqally cliff had become a famous jest —— in all corners of the country to be opposite this, I do not have method.
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