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Your heart is seen through before elevator door
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Everyday in the morning, we always are busy the ground is driven toward Office from each corners of the city. The car is much, the person is miscellaneous, road condition is poor, regrettablly, boss people without giving thought to these, play card implement awaiting us downstage, be late mean the salary that day (more even) disappear entirely! We are driven closely drive slow, drove office to the building in formulary time eventually, loosened stealthily in congested elevator mouth tone. This moment, who can notice yourself or all round the person's reaction and movement?

Infact, psychological expert tells us: A few behavior when everybody is using elevator everyday, verbal, from the inner world that went up to show them fully somehow. Think exploration, below cerebrum consciousness action, be concealed in another after smooth mask you? Do the following test please.

How do you wait for elevator

Time: Need 5 minutes of places only from time going to work: Edifice F layer

General, people maintains the pose of ” of “ stand at attention impossibly when waiting lift all the time, different person may have all sorts of reaction not self-consciously below same scene, the optional behavior when the elevator such as these has mystery greatly absolutely. Your choice:

A, make a round trip in spite of oneself pace or in the stamp on the ground.

B, regular meeting is can'ted restrain repeat for many times by press elevator button.

The C, directive figure that watchs elevator floor seriously, wait for elevator door to leave to go in instantly only, other condition pays close attention to scarcely.

D, head looks at the ground downward.

The person all round E, sweep or content, or it is to appear to look up casually see the ceiling.

Test result

Anthology A, make a round trip in spite of oneself pace, or in the stamp on the ground.

If you chose this answer, so you may be belonged to more sensitive, have that kind of person with some of summary jumpy belt even. Your heart world is rich, insight is strong, and believe oneself intuition and eye quite. In the life, you are more perceptual, if have talent of a few art, so you should have an opportunity to be revealed as far as possible, accomplish so probably somewhat in this respect.

Choose B, regular meeting to be able to 't restrain repeat for many times by press elevator button.

If your regular meeting is can'ted restrain,repeat for many times by press elevator button, so you may be the sort of strength some are urgent, handle affairs exquisite efficiency, time sense is strong, often the action group of with the power of a thunderbolt and the speed of lightning. Be in all round in person eye, your relations with people is good, it is more amiable the person that is close to easily. But you have some of mood to change constantly, and it is a center possibly still with ego, once infatuate to a few things or the heart is medium establish after a certain target or plan, you will be not careful the person all round oversight or thing, a few foreign interference affect this moment easily your mood.
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