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12 constellation who is duty field week gathers up skin
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, 8 hours of Morpheus time of the left and right sides, 2 with Yu Lu to 3 hours road goes there and back, have a meal …… and major person has 8 at least everyday the hour is going to work, that is to say, we every time of extremely big part is worn in the swot, working itself is not actually painstaking perhaps, let incessantly of our complain of suffering occasionally often encounter last week to gather up because of what have bad luck the boss of leather formula, let us come rebuke one, what constellation boss is firm role most?
No.1 Pisces

Pisces has two kinds of people normally, among them one kind is female strong person perhaps works normally mad, their palm accuses desire very strong, oneself still are not aware of, especially the Pisces that heart of a few whole bodies throws on the job, if they are the boss can ask even,employee switchs on the mobile phone 24 hours on call, and they return pretty to enjoy the sort of edge to have a meal edge discussion works the sort of aeriform work overtime, though they are for overall situation consider purely, this can be met allow the fellow worker beside them especially subordinate people incessantly of complain of suffering.

No.2 Libra

The person of Libra also often is cent kind, one kind is strong model Libra, want to fight scheming with them, see its do not have difficulty, but actually they are very difficult a flock of people that are fooled, especially Libra bosses, and they still hold out Yan Ke normally, in their fair principle, he takes money to break you, you should die to him, and they are won't floriferous on the employee body that one man dot sympathizes with a heart to think to do not have value in him, unless you decide you work at ordinary times,return pretty do all one can so, you return pretty in the company valuable, must not take otherwise fall ill the excuse of and so on goes inviting ridicule rebuff.

No.3 Leo

An issue with the thorniest subordinate that makes Leo is —— aureola be him forever, he won't cut the honor that divides him to give another person easily, does err finish sth affection? —— are you how to be an upright person of subordinate? Is taking money to give you to ask what you have cooked rice? In addition, leo is the person that lives in his world quite, they are used to flower and applause, can accept proposal of too immediate criticism not quite, wei Zheng's Tang Taizong is not Leo certainly, so you also do not want the Wei Zheng of the informal person that go becoming Leo king, of course mild and indirect and the proposal that is full of praised affection they are special gay.

No.4 is maiden

Maiden it is the chelonian hair that gave a name, they can say to the requirement of detail was to arrive captious degree, say so, do maiden a bit is him —— ability with the happiest subordinate can get taking exercise very well! Maiden of a boss another reducing ability surely greatly is broken broken read aloud, he can read aloud may small fault your feel too ashamed to show one's face, perhaps catch mad unceasingly, anyhow, the course is maiden of a boss after be being made meticulously, where no matter you will arrive henceforth,walking along can be inapproachable battle will.
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