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Duty field argot is fastened too really
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Cento of argot of partial duty field

1. perhaps I can work overtime to finish the thing.

(annotate: When do you want my doing to arrive? Still let do not let work? )

2. I can be not executed so certainly.

(annotate: This won'ts do at all. )

3. True?

(annotate: Nonsense! )

4. Probably the view that you can enquire others.

(annotate: Who does the move such as your see can manage you! )

5. I also care very much of course.

(annotate: Who has free time to provide this job! )

6. Feel embarrassed, I did not share this plan.

(annotate: Fasten irritated I, what concern does this thing have with me? )

7. Hum, this is very interesting.

(annotate: This is what thing! )

8. I can try to insert this thing into working schedule in.

(annotate: How is your boy explained not early a bit? )

Thick black ought not to be duty field only color

For quite a long time, a kind of tacit duty field goes regulation guides stealthily and ground of exert a subtle influence on is affecting us. Duty field is like battlefield, the enemy is not between the colleague it is a competitor; Meet person and say a word 3 minutes, cannot throw a heart completely. A lot of duty field old hand ever were in even the novice admonishs to say below illicit: Do not make what friend with his colleague, it is between the colleague produce true friendship impossibly forever. Also accordingly " thick black learn " the schoolbook of alleged duty field of and so on is long fill do not decline.
To great majority office worker, duty field is the one part with very important life. Especially the white-collar in city, exceed 8 hours to be on post everyday assiduous and hardworking, with the colleague hand in hand encourage, the manner with so what kind of choice, life mass that built what kind of duty field culture to decide you directly.
Every arrive the end of the year, optimal employer ” chooses the “ China year that gets attention fully very demonstrative problem, say with its everybody is paying close attention to the the easiest, most fervent employer, expecting as white-collar of field saying job a kind of human nature is changed, relaxed and cheerful duty field culture.
Place favour is entered as what cross state-owend enterprise trade greatly each halt, the white-collars of Tianjin are able to experience more the duty field culture of diversity. The likelihood is to fit the requirement that dress up, the likelihood is those 15 minutes of sweet afternoon tea, perhaps be stock of toilet Li Yongyuan merely a bundle of fresh horse's hoof lotus, anyhow, people is increasing the 10 thousand countries of culture of field of take office of ground experience and observe amorous feelings, it is even in eye of a lot of people, good company culture is more charming than high pay.
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