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With 9 kinds of disposition the boss of each different gets along
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1, as clever as slack boss deal with

Your boss often is late, leave early, make you have inequitable feeling first; Second he was not affecting working schedule, because a lot of decision-making fail to make instructions in time by him; 3 meet public affairs to make mistake, you can be forced “ carries black boiler on the back, ” suffering can'ts bear character. To boss appeal? Pretty good, this action can avoid ” of “ to be made a scapegoat. Your publicity the lazy circumstance of boss, in the end, cause to oneself likely greatly adverse! such dare anger not dare of character maintain go down? Might as well try the following method: When boss is absent, invite a person that witness, not be barefaced ground of course search, however intended innocently, undertake before secretary young lady for example, the purpose is to want someone witting the cause and effect of whole thing, make the person in the company knows the fact. Pass 10, 10 pass 100, your purpose can be achieved.

2, right state-private the boss that does not divide sends him a soft nail

Some boss are state-private do not divide, often want you to do private affairs for him, you can give boss a soft nail. The thing that you should do is clever rejection him, but the future that does not affect you is premise. Should be in say for a short while: “ not ” ! The daughter that department of exemple as above wants you to replace him is written read books and newspaper to accuse, you are not willing 10 thousand times for certain, tell him to say: “ Is am sorry, I do not give help on. ” if he lets you do after come off work, thing more easy to handle, move such argument: “ has date tonight because of me, cannot be late! ” the next day, he asks you to do again, you can seek appropriate ground, he is met shrink back from difficulties, how is not gotten. If such thing happens during the job, your reason is more, say: There are 3 reports to want to write on “ my at hand, the boss says today must. ” because boss itself with respect to be in the wrong, can be in frowzily only bottom of the heart, but want you only the work is serious, never have err, he “ dare anger not dare character ” .

3, flimsy to affection boss is acted according to go up a cup of hot tea

After boss connects regular meeting to come off work in others, sit in office hair to stay a little while alone, boss faces the job to be able to feel the mood is depressive euqally, also have such and such contradictory problem euqally to domesticity. The affection of boss sometimes very flimsy also, need is placatory. But if at this point your none polite inquire about its privacy, give counsel for this even, that is off base. Although boss is the flimsiest when, he also needs measurable care only, a cup of hot tea already enough lets boss give you a light smile. If go to the lavatory, you as if is to tell a joke at will, open solution his depressed mood, he can be very obliged. Want to understand, care boss truly, jumping-off place should be love and esteem and not be to use.
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