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1, the society is full of inequitable phenomenon. You do not want to transform it first, can get used to it first only. (because you cannot be in charge of it)

2, the self-respect that the world won't care about you, what people looks is your achievement only. Did not accomplish in you previously, do not stress pride overly. (stress pride more because of you, righter you are adverse)

3, you are middle school graduation only, won't become CEO normally, take CEO position till you in one's hand till. (heretofore, people just won't mind you is middle school graduation only)

4, when you are immersed in factitious predicament, do not complain, you draw a lesson silently only. (you should cheer up stealthily, rise afresh)

5, you want to know: Before doing not have you, your parents does not resemble such “ are drab now ” . You should think of, this is the enormous price that they pay to bring up you. (you should be thankful forever and give presents they, just be good sense)

6, in the school, you are taken an examination of the a fewth already not was so important, but enter a society however otherwise. No matter where you go to, want classify rank. (society, company should discharge the place, it is common thing, should hearten competition just is opposite)

7, there is holiday in the school, work to the company criterion otherwise, your barely rests, spend holiday easily rarely. (run to lag behind together in your profession career otherwise, can let you lag behind forever even)

8, be in the school, the teacher can help you learn, go to a company however won't. If you think the teacher of the school asks you are very strict, that is you had not entered a company to work. Because, if the company is right you are not severe, you are about unemployed. (you must realise soberly: The company should ask strictly more than the school oneself)

9, people likes to see teleplay, but you do not look, that is not your life. Want to work in the company only, you are too busy to see teleplay. (offer a piece of advice you do not look, otherwise you are on the way that sees a TV series, and look with pleasure, then you will lose successful qualification)

10, do not want rearward to criticize others forever, the boss ignorance that cannot criticize you especially, acerbity with incapacity. (because of such state of mind, the grow road that can make you are on rough hardship)