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Often eat 9 kinds of food to be able to increase memory
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The expert reminds: Compensatory nutrition is not meant enter blindly fill, if the choice is proper, some food can increase energy for you not only, still conduce to the memory that increases you.

One, orange

Orange contains many vitamin A, B1 and C, belong to typical alkalescent food, can eliminate a large number of acidity food to be opposite neurological the harm that cause. During the exam right amount often eat some of orange, can make a person energetic. In addition, citric, a kind of orange, grapefruit also have similar effect, replaceable orange.

2, corn

A variety of not saturated fatty acid such as linoleic acid are contained a lot ofin maize, have protection cerebral blood-vessel and fall hematic fat action. Especially glutamic acid of the water content in corn is taller, can help metabolization of stimulative head cell, often eat some of corn especially little corn, have effect of be good at head.

3, earthnut

Earthnut contains a lot oflecithin and cerebral phosphatide, it is the important matter that neurological place needs, can postpone cerebral function decline, restrain plaque agglutinate, prevent a head thrombosis. Solid test and verify is solid, often feed peanut ameliorable blood circulation, enhance memory, defer consenescence, it is an accord with actually “ peanut ” .

4, fish

They can offer high grade protein and calcium to cerebrum, the fatty acid that place of fresh water fish contains is not saturated fatty acid more, won't cause hemal sclerosis, arterial to the head blood-vessel does not have a harm, contrary, still can protect a head hemal, right cerebrum cell activity has stimulative effect.

5, pineapple

Pineapple contains C of a lot of vitamins and microelement manganese, and quantity of heat is little, often eat have promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid, life-giving action, someone says it is the fruit that can increase person memory. Pineapple often is the fruit that a few musician, star and actor like most, because they should recite many music score, libretto and actor's lines.

6, egg

Cerebrum activity function, have a good memory weak with content of choline of the acetyl in cerebrum closely related. The experiment proves, eat gallinaceous beauty to depend on: Contain rich lecithin when the place in yoke by enzymatic after decomposing, can produce a rich acetyl choline, in entering blood to be able to arrive at a head very quickly to organize again, can enhance memory. Abroad considers to confirm, eat everyday 1, 2 eggs can furnish to airframe enough choline, to protecting cerebrum, raise memory to have profit greatly.

7, milk

Milk is a kind of approximately perfect nourishment. It contains a lot ofprotein, calcium, reach the amino acid with cerebrum indispensible place. The calcium in milk is absorbed the most easily, it is the important matter with cerebral indispensable metabolization. In addition, it still contains the element such as very beneficial to nerve cell vitamin B1. If use a brain excessive and when insomnia, conduce of before sleeping one cup of hot milk falls asleep.
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