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Test: Furnish fluoroscopy from desk your disposition
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Psychologist thinks, the decoration on desk, can show the individual character that gives a person most:

A. Desultorily desk

B. Furnish the desk of small miniascape

C. The desk of filled up with young toy

D. Without the desk of adornment

E. Set the desk of domestic photograph

The answer:

A. Acumen of thinking of majority of this type person, it is again complex case falls, also can find out main threads of an affair very quickly and handle official business.

B. This kind of person is mixed calmly sedate, and play careful, agree to bear the blame

C. This kind of person, like to build world of a kind of rich emotive, as the as dry as a chip and drab life that meets technical progress place to bring.

D. This type person comes privacy and job strictly apart, fair Yu Buxi is joyous with the colleague a libertinism also is not willing to talk more.

E. This type person is very flimsy, won't quarrel with person happening, and can do a lot of things, birthday that remembers everybody, family that likes to regard the company as happiness for the organization of the office.