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See you belong talented person of which one type
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Late night, walk 20 minutes to come home by the station, family already sleep deeply, the door and window went up to lock up, knock knock a window to all do not have a response, should climb a window to go in unlikely also, unluckily the mobile phone does not have report again, want to call, must former road returns public transportation station to make public telephone call. Between hesitation, the station is in downstair and wait-and-see, the window that sees 2 buildings has a light it seems that.
If be you encountered such trouble, how can be you done?
The A, lock that considers door of method bang up or window, or use iron wire and so on think method opens the door
B, take off next shoe fling at 2 buildings
C, return a station to call
D, flat go drinking a cup to bar, look over there can call, be no good drink day break
E, knock desperately and window

Choose A: Belong to have proficiency in a particular line model. You have professional knowledge, can promote quality, easy in the job stand out.

Choose B: You belong to a challenge Trojan. This kind of person counts the job fight, have poineering mind.

Choose C: You are company person with ability model, take human relation and group work seriously, think to should coexist with the enterprise in all flourish.

Choose D: You belong motile talented person, take new idea seriously, can take a risk now and then.

Choose E: You lack leadership ability, always repeat with common method with a few things.