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The intelligence that foreign enterprise interview emphasizes particularly on ch
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Although ” of “ clumsy birds have to start flying early-the slow need to start early has made famous remark of through the ages, but famous foreign enterprise still values intellective part however when interview, put intellective test in the most significant position even sometimes, and the way all kinds of strange things of the test.

Think intelligence is comprised by the main factor such as force of observation, memory, thinking, imagination commonly, because the intelligence of this foreign enterprise checks to also be emphasized,research these fields, it is to pay attention to sometimes among them some respect, undertake making an on-the-spot investigation integratedly to a few respects sometimes.

(1) side inspects the test of thinking force again

Be like the interview title of some company: If you let be versed in the person works 7 days for you, the get one's own back that gives a worker is a metal bar. The metal bar deuces 7 paragraphs when be linked together, you must give them a paragraph of metal bar when ending everyday, if make you twice only metal bar strand, how do you pay fee to your worker? If if train of thought is incorrect,resembling this kind of title, often can be immersed in odd group, 100 think of do not get its to solve. Of course thematic itself also is to have certain difficulty really, want to have the intellectual level ability that comparative to reply. Although a lot of people know the answer (twice strand part of one's job becomes triplet, divide the metal bar into 1/7, 2/7 and 4/7 triplet. Such, the 1st day can give his 1/7; the 2nd day to give him 2/7, let him look for a 1/7; the 3rd day to give him 1/7 again, adding former 2/7 is 3/7; gives him the 4th day that 4/7, let him look for the metal bar; of those two 1/7 and 2/7 the 5th day, like giving his 1/7; the 6th day to mix the 2nd day again the feeling that there is suddenly see the light after that 1/7) that; looks for the 7th day to him, but the fact is such, although look simple, and want to be less than right answer namely before knowing the answer.

(2) side inspects the test of observation again

This kind of test often is included in exam of acknowledge of a few graphs, opposite for simpler, want careful observation only, serious analysis, reply correctly still not difficult.

(3) side inspects the test of memory again

Memory is very main to the person, although people does not feel at ordinary times, but the application that cannot leave memory at any time almost in the life, as usual uses the telephone number, public transportation course, address that often should go to a place, basically store in the cerebra in us, also appear to won't forget forever. In the job, you may have not enough time or inconvenience writes down the telephone call that the client gives you, and can write down only in cerebrum, but often forgot very quickly. Memory test also does not have pair of bad component generally speaking, only one evaluates a watch, notch tall, memory good; notchs low, memory difference.
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