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How get boss approbate
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The most important resource is the “ person ” of enterprise inside and outside in manpower resource, and in this numerous and different “ person ” , your boss is having all in all effect in your routine, can regard your “ in manpower resource job as ” of the first resource. So, how to win your boss? Nod a key in making the work. Disposition decides a style! Collaboration of ” of “ have a common goal rises downwind downstream, meet with respect to hard to avoid otherwise difficult Cong Cong. Talk with respect to the style, general but person cent is the following 4 kinds of styles.

We have a lot of resource in duty field, different resource brings us different support and force, one of reasonable, element that using resource effectively is duty field success.  

One, result.

Result boss disposition belongs to “ force ” more, inaugural field is idiosyncratic and theory should belong to “ tiger ” .

How to win result boss? 1, working deal with concrete matters relating to work. Result boss, because disposition is force model, it is pepperbox more, so, there need not be too much “ trick ” in the job, what what he admires is one action attacks ” of “ crucial point continuously. Too much matting can let him feel garrulous is irritated, the fast, essence, accurate self-identity that cuts a theme to be able to get him instead. 2, pay attention to a result. What result boss job pays close attention to most is the key of the thing and result. So, the focal point of the problem must be stressed in the process that solves a problem, all sorts of lists an all sorts of plan to be able to be reached outcomes of simple palpability reach an influence. 3, not bureau one case. “ busy ” is the one big characteristic of result boss. So, do not count on boss to meet what await you inside the office to see about, can find communicate, be sure to keep in mind to crucial question, must sign on the boss record in you, do not admit in order to avoid in the future.

2, detail.

Detail boss disposition belongs to “ more perfect model ” , inaugural field is idiosyncratic and theory should belong to “ owl ” .

How to win detail boss? 1, in the quadrature in compasses. Detail boss because pursuit of at every turn is perfect, can regard the job as normally “ artwork ” will ask. So, the job must systematization, program is changed, look everything in an orderly way, do not throw into confusion especially the working plan of boss and original working rhythm. 2, pay close attention to detail. Thing of detail boss look upon pays close attention to detail more. So, careful, comprehensive written communicating is admirable means. Discharge target of listed primary and secondary in detail in feasibility report, find out the resource that fulfils need of place of each minutes of target, feasible plan, predict achieved result, the work work that can make its approbate you is simple. 3, think of go after that. Of detail boss play the style is “ be apt to thinks of ” . So, the most important when handling an issue is to want to move brain to think more, is not to start work more go acting, be sure to keep in mind not to want take reckless action, can leave foolhardy impression otherwise.
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