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C# engineer Position type: Full-time pay pay: Discuss Branch of invite applications for a job: Number of invite applications for a job: 10 people Issue date: 2008-10-27 date of expiration: 2008-11-15 Working area: Heilongjiang Harbin shows seat: Do not be restricted Requirement of record of formal schooling: Fixed number of year of undergraduate course job: A year above Age requirement: 24 years old - requirement of 30 years old of sexual distinction: Male
Position description:
Be in charge of the design of software project, encode. Requirement: 1, familiar.net develops an environment, master adroitly and apply C# , VC, / Orcle, SQL. 2, experience of research and development of project of at least one year of above. 3, love hillock respects property, can need to work overtime according to the job.
Resume sends to: Hanyue3456@163.com
Phone: 13313608528