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Limited company of group of Zhongshan city goods and materials
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Human affairs assistant Position type: Full-time pay pay: Discuss Branch of invite applications for a job: Number of invite applications for a job of manpower resource department: 2 people Issue date: 2008-10-26 date of expiration: 2009-1-26 Working area: Guangdong Zhongshan shows seat: Do not be restricted Requirement of record of formal schooling: Fixed number of year of specialized subject job: Do not be restricted Age requirement: 20 years old - requirement of 26 years old of sexual distinction: Do not be restricted
Position description:
Functionary description:
1, of responsible phone receive listen to the reception with guest;
2, of responsible file print, the reception of fax, letter and send;
3, management of check on work attendance, human affairs archives is drafted;
4, the job such as the resume government that assistance does good invite applications for a job and announcement interview;
5, job of someone else job and leader make the other work that do.

Hold a post requirement:
1, record of formal schooling of undergraduate course above;
2, figure is good, temperamental beautiful, disposition is optimistic;
3, use software of commonly used office and OA device adroitly;
4, the capacity that good language conveys ability and processing official business;
5, have extremely strong responsibility heart and group mind, the work is careful;
6, the company is offerred free groom with nonsked size major regularly.
Attention: Cough of ζ to irrigate kills Qian Xia Qian] Wu of fast of the tritium that carry  thinks of  of blood clam  dizzy move  of Yong of outskirt of ǜ of Xi of coal of orchid Si Li pounds oil of benzene of the ┲ that wring a sword to move round to anxious  resides 蕎 Uzijtzs@126.com and be contacted in time with chief king gentleman, phone 0760-85513865 so that the company arranges a plan. The thank cooperates! Close to see about! Result from successfully in coming actively in your hand.