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Beijing accuses a branch of Luoyang of group limited company
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Project inspect manages Position type: Full-time pay pay: Discuss Branch of invite applications for a job: Number of invite applications for a job: 2 people Issue date: 2008-10-28 date of expiration: 2009-3-24 Working area: Henan Luoyang shows seat: Do not be restricted Requirement of record of formal schooling: Fixed number of year of undergraduate course job: Do not be restricted Age requirement: 22 years old - requirement of 30 years old of sexual distinction: Do not be restricted
Position description:
1, labour civilian builds undergraduate course and above record of formal schooling, be familiar with adornment project technology, material and construction site management, those who have experience of work of above of manage of large project inspect is preferential (the person that have inspect manage card is preferential) .
2, can design to the project, construction flow, construction safety, construction quality, plan, material, construction site manages, project standard is checked and accept wait for field work to undertake be harmonied integratedly, be familiar with adornment material and price.
3, software application is operated related familiar computer project, have good communication capacity, the job is serious and responsible, can hard-working.
4, this year's graduates of the person that my company grows intended all along for a long time is first consideration.
(pay: Offer eat monthly pay) partial work is provided please when to apply for a job and make clear salary requirement.
The person that intent comes to my company to develop sends resume directly please to company mailbox Begclzhaopin@163.com, so that the company can consult quickly, seek advice from relevant matters concerned with king manager: 15515393108(is not sincere not faze! ) , the job is seasoned person can relax appropriately condition of invite applications for a job.