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Interview talks about the 4 old classical solutions with insufficient oneself
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In the process of interview, sometimes the problem that total unavoidable meeting encounters the person that let bedcover try to sum up his to be not worth. As the addition that manages interview time, the summary that is tried to be not worth to oneself more and more hasten was the same as, the 4 big classical inadequacy that I sum up here:

   1, oneself too pursuit is perfect

Of this inadequacy allude rate is similar highest, testee says he is special pursuit is perfect, so that oneself colleague is mixed inferior cannot bear, bring pressure to someone else, yun Yun should be corrected in the job henceforth. Every hear this answer now, had had the sense that makes vomit, more never mention it have too much good opinion to be being tried to meet. Be tried to reply so, no more than is to covert complimentary oneself, this is the problem that " passerby all knows " . Outstanding be being tried often is not so reply, although have such inadequacy really, allude considering its rate, should also as far as possible evasive.

2, him disposition is impatient

This is insufficient, sound suddenly seeming is the defect on individual character really, but hear one of explanations, must cry a bit again again laughed. "My strength is urgent, the leader decorates me to work, original and OK 3 days are finished, I want one day to work. " should be corrected in the job henceforth. him boast a give an extravagantly colourful description. I know you are from what learn to come somewhere else, but such answers are too of a kind really.

3, him study is insufficient

No matter how testee loves to see book study, also say him study is insufficient. Should examine minutely why when, for the post that respecting hires relative to Yu Jing, always be study is insufficient, "" of knowledge is infinite! The person that holds this kind of key is to handle an issue purely, although appear meager, but seem to too boastful what do not have however. Below one begins again complimentary oneself.

4, oneself not quite notice domesticity

Testee him respecting is a job mad, work overtime all the day, delayed the time that is together with family, affected the body and family life. Still do not forget to should try to notice in the job henceforth finally, but also do not have method for the job. "Much better comrade! "Much better comrade!!

According to the author's experience, every the person that makes this kind of similar reply, often be the person of idea of those it doesn't matter, perhaps say the analysis ponders over the person with younger ability, or a few have proper analysis to ponder over ability, but outsmart oneself person. As the person that often takes an examination of an official when interview, early to these problems with respect to familiar to the ear can detailed, display one's slight skill before an expert, the effect cans be imagined. Oneself inadequacy talks before interview official, it is a problem that has challenge sex really. But make such reply, the specification is to be tried far from the idea of own itself, however from what learn to come somewhere else. Appear truthless so. If be of a design,compare good interview actually, be tried to make truthless reply, won't be judged to be high component.
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