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"Brief " all previous not simple: The foreign enterprise favores which kinds of
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College graduate gross continued to climb 2008 litre, an investigation shows, the professional person of 67% is finding new job in the process, not clear to oneself duty description in resume, did not show oneself to realize the ability of company value, and the opportunity of interview 90% come from that small resume, a lot of people lost the of 20% compensation of this deserve from this. So, in resume, how force the earth's surface can show him to win that of 20% bounce compensation in the enterprise most?

Cannot help doing sth of ” of busy gens of “ resume end

“ end is busy a group of things with common features one word of ”(Working Poor) originates Euramerican country, show without specific target the ground works only, result get half the result with twice the effort. The compatriots of 75% considers as “ end oneself busy a group of things with common features ” , also include a lot of is of course resume runs the graduate to apply for a job of the leg person. Write in resume of to apply for a job on oneself rich guest network address, and the method of resume of many “ dispersed ” , be in limits of “ end busy ” .

Statistical result shows, the person that 6 have the to apply for a job of rich guest into enterprise allergy, 2 think into unit of choose and employ persons to apply for a job person “ of rich guest content is suspect, too do beautiful ” . Rich guest is professional to those very strong or industry is senior the personage's help is greater, and for the person to the strong field that enter office, cost a large number of energy to make rich settle or live in a strange place, the meaning of the help is very finite.

Does the foreign enterprise favore the resume of what taste?

Send resume to the foreign enterprise, want to stand on the footing of the person that reads your resume to consider from beginning to end, and should be accepted for its on culture. For instance, what you are interested is the certain position of IBM, must let a person feel spirit of your sedate, rigorous, rich cooperation; If you are interested in the certain position that is Microsoft, might as well make public your individual character.

In general, in English country people likes without preamble, accordingly, graduate people might as well an exercitation during, reflect you the specific figure of specific respect ability is written go in; Apply for Japanese company, you had better highlight the detail of the campus that you suffer in ground of the utmost on resume, resume must use Japanese to write, the cooperative spirit that of ambitious attune is you is not leadership ability.

Professional convoy “DIY”

To can make the resume with an elegant binding and layout, the person that expenditure nots hesitate among graduate there are plenty of such people, even from this ecbolic a new industry: Plain code of ”—— of the “ resume company that make marks a price, manuscript of beardless Chinese resume, as long as the individual mail of basic material hair goes can. The editor made some resume the website of the company and website of some invite applications for a job undertake comparative, result discovery, it is with the resume of a this year's graduates exemple, the resume content of the company that make and net of invite applications for a job do not have too much distinction, if attach offer one's services is believed, the client pays near 400 yuan fee to the company that make for this; In the column of ” of “ resume guideline of net of invite applications for a job, editor discovery, can find pattern plate of any major of a kind of occupational here, combine the resume guide that the website provides and strategy guidance, below the help of ” of “ resume dictionary, OK even “DIY” a bilingual resume. Be worth what carry is, a kind of column that the name diagnoses ” for “ resume, can pass scientific test, the resume in hand of the person that affirm to apply for a job again is professional, the door that opens to apply for a job for graduate success undoubtedly increased chip.
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